Salary, missions, skills… All about the business developer profession

To survive, a company must adapt to its environment and innovate continuously. Business developers are recruited precisely to be the strength of the proposal and to show ingenuity and innovation. Salary, missions, skills… Discover this profession in detail without further delay!

New technologies and the advent of digital have contributed to the emergence of new professions. That of business developer is a concrete example. This profession is increasingly demanded by startups and SMEs. Thanks to a very specific profile, he contributes to the development of new offers for the group.

The business developer is a bit like the one who replaces the commercial old-fashioned. Traditionally, salespeople took care of the sales cycle and commercial negotiations, today sales teams need a business developer (or an intrapreneur) to ensure the sustainability of the company by developing new ideas (products, services, partnerships, customers, etc.).

The missions of the business developer

The mission of the business developer is to analyze the situation of the company in detail and list its weaknesses and strengths. He is then responsible for finding growth levers and solutions to the various problems the company may face. It should also make it possible to distinguish yourself from the competition. Business developers thus contribute directly to the revenue development by proposing new collaborations or new business ideas. They are also the ones who come up with and implement new offers for customers.

The business developer’s missions can generally include:

  • Follow up on the competition and the sector of activity
  • Propose new levers for growth and development (new partnerships, products and services, internationalization, investments, etc.)
  • Building new partnerships with customers
  • Setting up a business strategy
  • Maintain and retain a good relationship with customers

This type of profile is essential within a company, as it ensures an innovative presence in the market and maintains solid and lasting relationships with the various partners and customers.

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What is the role of a business developer?

The role of a Business Developer is to participate in the design and implementation of a long and short term commercial strategy. That said, he is responsible for studying a business plan that can make the business thrive within a set period of time. In addition, it works directly or indirectly to improve the strategic development plan. He will discover new growth levers and negotiate commercial contracts. In other words, he will put into practice his technical-commercial skills to ensure the smooth functioning of his team.

The business development manager controls all financial and commercial aspects of his business. This concerns products, production capacity, customers and especially employees. From this analysis, the actions to be implemented and the most important changes emerge. In addition, the business developer is interested in the external environment of the company by conducting market research and measuring the attractiveness of his business sector.

In addition, it will diagnose customer portfolio and threat from competitors. Based on these observations and analyses, he can draw up a first action plan. Finally, it focuses on new partnerships and is also part of these analyses.

Other Business Developer titles

  • Business developer
  • Business/new market developer
  • New Market Developer
  • Business/Regional/Customer Development Manager
  • Business Development Engineer /business development
  • Commercial Developer
  • extension officer
  • Business Development Project Manager
  • Trade Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager/business development
  • account manager
  • Sales Development Representative

Which training to become a Business Developer?

If you want to become a business developer, you absolutely do not need to take a course. There are many routes available to you. It is generally students who have studied commerce, marketing or finance who turn to this profession. With a bac+5 level, they have the skills to conduct economic market studies and, thanks to a Pestel analysis, they can find a way to differentiate themselves from the competition.

How do you become a business developer in initial training? The best way to do this job is to be trained in a business school, level bac+3 or bac+5. In these Grandes Ecoles, specialized courses are offered to do this work. However, some SMEs can hire young bac+2 graduates who only have a BTS, or even bachelor alumni (bac+3/4).

How do you become a business developer in continuing education? If you want to refocus professionally, you have the option of taking the adult training course. Many training centers offer in-person or distance courses to help you become a business developer.

In addition to training in a business school, you must demonstrate curiosity and a spirit of inquiry and initiative. We therefore recommend that you keep up to date with the news from your sector and keep abreast of the most important market trends.

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The skills of the business developer and the required qualities

The business developer must demonstrate great negotiation, creativity and communication skills. The main objective should be the medium and long-term development of the company in terms of performance and sustainability. To do this, it must be constantly alert to the market and the news in its sector of activity to anticipate market opportunities and threats (change in legislation, arrival of new competitors, lifestyle, etc.).

To be a good business developer, the professional must acquire both an entrepreneur mindset and a long-term strategic vision. Its missions do not stop at the development of turnover and turnover. He is also a person who masters different fields.

To submit multiple strategic ideas, he must study the perspectives that contribute to a product’s success. In other words, he must be well informed about the details of his proposals (the degree of realization, the chances of success, the competition, the technical feasibility, etc.). That is why it is essential to involve a business developer in the discussions about the company’s strategy.

The salary of a business developer

A business developer’s salary, like all salespeople, can vary depending on his seniority, the size of the company he works for, and his results. In addition, there is often a variable part in the contract. The salary of the business developer is therefore indexed to his results.

At the start of his career, a business developer’s compensation can be up to €2,900 per month. This salary will increase over time until it reaches an average of €7,000 gross per month, over 8 years of activity. As mentioned, this includes a variable part. So if he gets good results, the business developer can have a salary of more than €10,000 gross per month.

Thanks to the experience gained, the business developer can climb the ladder to become a development manager, innovation or digital project manager, sales manager or partnership manager.

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Our advice to become a good business developer

  • Have a perfect knowledge of your market. To be a good business developer it is essential to be able to identify and seize the opportunities that present themselves to the company. He must also be able to determine the strategic orientations of his group. In addition to the opportunities, he must also study the threats and the competition.
  • Take risks. A good business developer knows how to get out of his comfort zone. He must have the courage to explore new avenues. Change and the launch of new products are at the heart of her business. It is therefore his responsibility to map out the risks this entails and to make the right choices.
  • Acquiring broad knowledge on various topics. Far beyond commercial knowledge, the business developer must have a global vision in all areas (marketing, communication, finance, etc.) of the company. He must also show empathy and benevolence as he is in constant contact with the company’s customers and partners.
  • Knowing how to put yourself forward and maintain a good brand image. The business developer is often the center of attention. He is the one who represents the company to customers. It is therefore important for him to invest in professional social networks! Attending afterworks promotes both awareness and that of the company.
  • Show mental toughness. The business developer must be present on all fronts. He must show great stamina and unparalleled mental strength.
  • Stay up to date with the news of its sector. To propose a strategy that is in line with the company and the market, the business developer is supposed to be aware of the latest news that may affect his development strategy or the business of his company.
  • Have an enterprising and challenging spirit. To achieve his goal, the business developer must have a thirst for challenge and a very strong desire to see his business grow. He must also have the soul of an entrepreneur to come up with new ideas and propose them to his company.
  • Have an analytical mind. To get the best results, a business developer needs to know how to analyze the situation and be proactive.

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