Billium Unveils Multi-Feature Crypto Copy Trading

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 21. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange Billium aims to disrupt the crypto trading space with a new copy trading platform that allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies using orders.

The company, which debuted in 2022, aims to transform the way people trade and trade cryptos. Led by Osman Ozbolat, Billium has seen steady growth even in the current bear market and is determined to establish itself as the market leader in crypto with innovative spot and margin trading solutions.

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With its copy trading offering, Billium aims to become the first cryptocurrency exchange proven to be disruptive by connecting new traders with experienced traders, providing a level playing field for all participants.

Using the platform, traders can place, buy and sell orders directly against each other, and the system automatically executes trades at pre-agreed prices. Users can also create their own custom policies and share them with others.

Copy trading is an emerging social trading strategy in the crypto ecosystem, and the Billium platform aims to use it to change the investment market in the same way cryptocurrency did a decade ago by showing new ways for market players to succeed.

This strategy is based on imitating commendable trades and leveraging the skills and intuitions of more experienced crypto traders. As a result, what was once an exclusive gateway for major players and institutional traders will be reduced to a five-minute push-button operation that gives new traders the opportunity to take advantage while taking advantage of the best security and management tools available.

As things stand, it remains difficult to turn novice traders and newbies into commendable traders due to the high transaction costs, complicated user interfaces, scammers, unnecessary operating procedures and the general complexity of cryptocurrency trading. Billium plans to address these weaknesses that plague the industry with its revolutionary copy trading service.

Billium complements its functionality with advanced algorithms and innovative Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for trading bots. The trading startup also allows investors to trade through these APIs, allowing trades to be made without withdrawing funds.

Speaking about the development of the platform, Billium CEO Osman Ozbolat said:

Billium is still in the ‘beta’ stage of development, but the platform is still advancing on its roadmap and the new copy trading service should arrive soon.

About Billium

Billium is a UAE-based crypto platform with global reach and trading options, including BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) and USDT (Tether). Billium is also fully compliant with all KYC and AML policies. To further enhance security, the platform uses 2FA through Telegram, in addition to providing a unique and untraceable security code.

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