Ban NFTs – When Minecraft Undermines Player Morale

Everything comes to an end. Except for the sausage, which has two – This is what the operators of the NFTWorlds platform must have said to themselves after the announcement of Minecraftwhich, admittedly, must make yesterday difficult for them.

Mining yes, but not on the blockchain!

The message is clear. NFT and Minecraft don’t mix ! At least for now.

The article was published yesterday on the official Minecraft game site and leaves no room for interpretation. Mojang Studiosthe team behind the video game, leave no doubt about its position vis-a-vis the NFT (Non-fungible token). After quickly defining what an NFT is, the game team explains that: are political about this technology is clear and unambiguousthey don’t want it.

Minecraft allows anyone to host a server, allowing a community to play together and build a unique experience block after block.
Some sites, such as NFTWorlds, have therefore specialized in using these servers, onto which they have grafted a part associated with the blockchain and more specifically theuse of NFTs. You can therefore buy skins, or items with different characteristics, depending on their rarity. And so their price.

These sites are therefore now exile » with regard to the rules established by Mojang Studio.

NFTs can create patterns of scarcity and exclusion that violate our guidelines and the spirit of Minecraft. In order for Minecraft players to have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated into our client and server applications, and Minecraft game content such as worlds, skins, items, personality or other mods cannot be made through blockchain technology are used to create a rare digital asset »

The rest of the article, published on the official Minecraft website, explains that NFTs are: purely speculative objects. Their use can cause inequalities and create real gaps between players.

A – pseudo technical reason has been added. The video game giant is evoking the possible overnight disappearance of NFTs, leaving players alone and penniless, a pickaxe in their hand and tears in their eyes.

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A real desire to protect the players?

Behind the open interest in protecting his consumers is the control of his game. Even if the team clearly defines that it doesn’t want NFTs on private servers, the company is still keeping an eye on the technology behind it.

In addition, the studio returns several times to the fact that a NFT, hosted by a third-party platform (i.e. not by Minecraft) may disappear. The implication is therefore explicit. If tomorrow everything is controlled by Mojang Studio, it would be much safer.

Do they really know their subject? We may doubt it when we read this: an NFT is a unique digital token, which is part of a blockchain and is often purchased with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin »

Real advice from a developer who really knows, or just an ear that sticks to the networks and listens to the most common clichés about NFT ? We have the right to ask the question.

NFTWorld's Token Dropped After Minecraft Studios Announcement
The Studio’s announcement caused the price of NFTWorlds token $WRLD to plummet

We will also pay close attention to how blockchain technology evolves over time to ensure the above principles are adhered to and whether it enables safer experiences or other useful and inclusive applications in games.. »

In summary, NFTs on private Minecraft servers are no. But the team reserves the right to integrate them later, on official servers. Because despite a fairly lengthy diatribe to explain their decision, the article ends with a sentence that doesn’t quite close the door. The team has no plans to implement blockchain in Minecraft… at this time !

Was this decision to ban NFTs made for that reason? protect users ? Or just to keep the studio in control of a future implementation of NFT, the benefits of which would be entirely theirs? My cynical mind rather leads me to the second solution. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. As we often say in the field of customer service, given reason can be real, you have to trust “a priori”.

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