2 Promising Metaverse-Related Cryptocurrencies That Could Grow This Year, You Can Buy Today

This year has certainly been a tough one for crypto investors to rate. Several high-flying tokens with strong growth catalysts have shown impressive performance in 2021. For example, some metaverse-related cryptocurrencies have had a rocky start to 2022.

Could these big metaverse blow up tokens? Let’s take a look at what could power two of the best metaverse cryptocurrencies this year.

Main metaverse cryptocurrencies: Decentraland

One of the best performing players in the crypto market in recent years is: Decentralland (CRYPTO:MANA) . According to CoinMarketCap, an investor who grabbed Decentraland’s MANA token in 2017 would have a return on their initial investment of more than 100x. Indeed, many of the token’s recent gains have been made in the past year, pushing Decentraland into the top 30 in the cryptocurrency rankings by market capitalization.

With approximately 300,000 monthly users, Decentraland is an immensely popular blockchain-based metaverse game. This platform has sparked the interest of major companies in this space. As one of the oldest crypto metaverse options, Decentraland currently stands as a top token.

For Decentraland, continued institutional interest in the metaverse will be a key driver to move this token forward. If investors continue to turn to the metaverse, there will be much to appreciate about Decentraland’s existing infrastructure. Indeed, for those who have a long-term view of the metaverse in the context of crypto, there is much to appreciate about how MANA is currently positioned.

The sandpit

Like Decentraland, The Sandbox is a virtual world where users can buy digital real estate. In addition, users can participate in the play-to-win experiences of The Sandbox, which generates huge interest, especially from gamers in some parts of the world, crypto has less impact.

This platform has inspired a number of celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, and brands, such as The living Dead , to own a space in this virtual world. Although the number of users of The Sandbox is much lower than that of Decentraland (about 30,000 monthly active users), the digital territory of this platform has generated huge sales in the past.

These rising virtual real estate prices have increased the value of SAND tokens by about 6,000% since launch. It’s an impressive comeback, hard to find elsewhere.

Like all cryptocurrencies, Decentraland and The Sandbox carry above-average risk. That said, these metaverse cryptocurrencies also have much higher growth potential. As a result, those looking for a risky trade will want to check out these two tokens.


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