baseball is officially available on the NFT platform

NFT’s famous Sorare license launches its new blockchain game in partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB). Since yesterday, users can access the new marketplace and participate in the first competitions, thanks to 13 “Common” cards on offer.

Baseball comes to Sorare with MLB

Sorare, the platform already known for its blockchain fantasy football game, is diversifying with the advent of the Major League Baseball (MLB). It is now possible to collect non-fungible tokens (NFT) like the players and teams of this emblematic sport:

To facilitate the user experience, baseball is available on the same account as footballjust click on one or the other from the home page:

Sorare MLB Homepage

From the first visit, a pack of 13 cards of “Common” rarity is provided. This allows you to start playing for free.

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Game mechanics

The same mechanics as for football can be found in Sorare MLB, with the difference that it will last draft seven NFT cards a day instead of five. The rarity levels remain the same, but the number of copies has been adjusted upwardslikely to stick with the US market:

  • Common: unlimited number;
  • Uncommon: 5,000 copies;
  • Uncommon: 1000;
  • Super Rare: 100;
  • Unique.

Each week is divided into two “Game Weeks”, ie one session from Monday to Thursday and one from Friday to Sunday. Different divisions are accessible to us according to the qualities of cards we have. It is about score as many points as possible to win new NFTs. Again, the points will depend on the player performance displayed on the maps, during real matches.

The marketplace is also open, allowing the purchase of new cards at auction, as well as access to the secondary market:

Marketplace Sorare MLB

Sorare MLB Marketplace

As it was said last May when this new game was announced, this diversification is a interesting strategic choice for Sorare. The US market is indeed huge, and the popularity of baseball across the Atlantic suggests another success for the French unicorn.

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The blockchain fantasy football phenomenon

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Source: Sorare


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