ABC insert: “Looking for meaning, finding or regaining its place”

by means of Lisette Kapepula

In a context in perpetual motion, each of us is faced with a period of questions at least once in our professional career.

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Whether you report professional fatigue, a desire for change without really knowing which way to go, whether you are planning a retraining, starting a business or preparing for your end-of-career project, the skills assessment is the ideal tool. It allows you to find relevant solutions for the realization of one or more professional projects, to think calmly and concretely about your professional future through actor of your development.

The assessment of skills defined in Article L6313-10 of the Labor Code is a legal and regulated system is eligible for the CPF (personal training account).

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ABC Insertion is a professional integration structure whose multidisciplinary team relies mainly on coaching tools. During his 27 years of existence, our organization has supported more than 4,000 people in their professional repositioning.

Divided between Argenteuil and Montpellier, our consultants are: occupational psychologists, certified coaches and/or qualified professional repositioning consultants. These complementary skills allow them to adapt their approach to the needs and sensitivity of each request or project. At ABC Insertion you will have understood that the person is central to our action. The quality of listening and the neutrality of our advisors are the knowledge essential for the realization of your skills assessment, all in a humane, ethically respectful and unified framework.

Whatever your situation, we have a formula adapted to your needs and your pace, both in our offices, remotely and in a mixed formula (face-to-face and video conference).

-Assessment of skills Classic 24 hours

-24 hours skill assessment Senior End of career

Our 12 Hour Modular Skills Assessments

  • Formulas according to your needs:
  • Prepare well for your professional retraining project
  • Get to know yourself better to promote your project
  • Prepare for your retirement

It’s up to you !

The skills survey is carried out on your initiative or that of your employer, but can only be carried out with the employee’s consent.

Prior to the skills assessment, a free, no-obligation meeting will be scheduled to get to know your expectations and explain in detail the skills assessment procedure and procedures. Then we determine together the layout of the balance that best suits your situation.

The skills assessment should consist of 3 phases. The time spent on each stage will depend on the actions taken to meet your needs.

Hop ahead!

Individual interviews, professional interest, values ​​or personality tests, company surveys, network approach, we offer you a system in which you are fully involved, because the skills assessment is carried out in team spirit! The one who trains you, together with your advisor, in a constructive and benevolent approach to the realization of your project.

The skills assessment starts with a research phase aimed at clarifying your values, your selection criteria, but also your internal resources: we often have unconscious and untapped talents! The coach-beneficiary tandem then collects information about the planned project. Checking our idea of ​​a profession and comparing it to reality is an essential step in evaluating its feasibility. This research work is an aid in the development of your action plan that will help you achieve the desired goal.

A certain expertise, a large team, human values

Our advisors have all the specific resources and methods that have proven their worth. They rely in particular on the Canadian ADVP approach. However, the support that ABC Insertion offers mainly shows the necessary adaptability to your situation and your needs, making our organization a relevant choice for conducting your skills research.

The device is open to the general public. Are you disabled? Do you want to tell us about it? Do not hesitate, a reference person is at your disposal.

ABC Insertion is an excellent training organization specialized in in professional repositioning since 1995 Qualiopi certified. The skills assessment work sessions can be on-site or remote or mixed (face-to-face and videoconferencing).

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