School 42: ministry, diploma and free entrance

How old is school 42?

École 42 has the advantage of being accessible from adults, with no minimum age. Until a few years ago, however, there was an age limit of 30 years. That is, only young people between the ages of 18 and 30 had the right to train at École 42. It was Xavier Niel, co-founder of École 42, who decided in early 2021 to end this age limit , with the aim of avoiding and introducing generational silos. play on the shortage of programmers and developers in France.

Abolishing the age limit of 30 is also a good way to promote return to work among seniors, as 75% of over-50s find a job at the end of their education. IT is one of the few sectors where seniors are hired. At the same time, the age limit of 30 inevitably meant missing out on many outstanding and talented candidates, on the pretext that they were 35, 40, or even 45 years old.


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How are things at school 42?

École 42 is based on an innovative pedagogy, focused on concrete and collaborative projects. In particular, School 42 advocates:

  • Temporary decompartmentalization so that each participant progresses at their own pace.
  • Peer-to-peer learning, without lessons or teachers, as the students train themselves with the aim of succeeding together.
  • Gamification: you learn through games, without notes.

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Since École 42 has an international presence, it is quite possible for students to move from one to the other. The schools are ultra-modern, fully connected and equipped with terraces, bars, food trucks and other video games. Another advantage: École 42 is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it is a free learning space where you can learn at any time. École 42 also includes some compulsory internships in companies to put their learned into practice.


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Which diploma with Ecole 42?

École 42 has the special feature of not issuing a diploma recognized by the state. However, École 42 students can obtain their 42 diploma at the end of their education, an unofficial diploma intended to certify the knowledge acquired. At the same time, recruitment agencies themselves can assess the various students and candidates on their level of code and their specializations.

In the IT world, the Diplôme 42 is increasingly recognized and offers relatively easy access to features for developers and coders, especially at the school’s partner companies. Even if the Diplôme 42 is not recognized by the state, it is recognized and very well observed within the profession, which makes it possible to get a job quite easily. Especially since it is a three-year course and at the end of the last one, the students are normally perfectly independent.

Why is Ecole 42 free?

A real exception in the world of professional training, École 42 has the particularity of being free. It is primarily funded by partner companies, who see it as an opportunity to recruit developers and programmers at the source, right after graduating.

If École 42 is free, it is not only to give all students a chance, but also and above all to compensate for the lack of manpower in the development and coding sector. There is something for everyone: students who are quickly offered a job at the end of their education, and partner companies that can recruit highly coveted profiles before they enter the labor market.

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