Metaverse: What is the real depth of this new paradigm?

Within a few days, the word Metaverse appeared in the eyes of the greatest number after Mark Zuckerberg’s “expected” announcement. The content created on this theme since then has been (very, very) numerous, so much so that everything has been mixed up, especially two key concepts: virtual reality and augmented reality.

It is clear that the Covid was the best PR agency in the Metaverse since our dailies are (are?) limited to a few hundred square meters.

Also, the Metaverse has been identified as the ” GAFAM playground “… like almost everything, right? Let us discover below the true scope of these new paradigms with a still unfathomable limbo.

5G, 1984, disconnection from reality: the pain of semantic panic 3.0

The ability of some to connect current topics is an automatic characteristic that has always fascinated me.

The fact of putting on a helmet to explore a new paradigm gets a lot of ink flowingand this on the part of nihilists, neo-philosophers and others who do not assume an announced technological break.

Let’s keep it simple: the Metaverse is a ” Second Life » (who was also a “social” ancestor of Facebook) much improved by combining a persistent virtual universe and an enlarged universe (Pokemon Go type). All in a space-time continuum (interstellar mode enabled) where the actions of the “virtual” impose the “real” world.

Also “minor difference”, this time the Metaverse will not be reserved for a few million geeks around the world. The latter have taken over, according to Sheldon Cooper (you got it?).

Which industries are affected by Metaverse (and Web 3.0)?

I’d be tempted to tell you everything, but let’s get things straight. According to Mark himself, he indicates that: mass adoption would take 3-5 years while stating that this timing is… “conservative” (see the video here featuring the excellent GaryVee).

What important steps?

  • An adoption in the first place by the professionals (like crypto assets by the way)
  • The solution of the eternal technical problem for the augmented reality part (we all remember the google fiasco Glasses). Note that there will be tests on connected contact lenses… and let’s not forget the takeover of Occulus by Facebook, sorry, by Meta, a few years ago 😉

My top 3: Play2earn, fitness and training (and MANY other branches)

Play2earn, what is it?

The world of Play2earn, namely playing video games to make financial profithas been exploding under . for several months now gamers. The big hit was of course Axie Infinitybut great projects like Star Atlas and Thetan Arena are more than promising.

Keep in mind the integration of NFTs within these games to equip, empower or even dress people (among countless possibilities).

Another important point regarding Play2earn, ecosystems such as: sandbox, Decentralland and in another register Roblox are experiencing an explosion of opportunities (and their prices in the crypto market). I am thinking in particular of recent examples such as the integration of Gucci on Roblox or even this Lancôme virtual store. On these platforms it is also possible to create your own games. Imagine the potential for brands…

Fitness 3.0

Another application of the Metaverse, which is in the industry of fitness. In fact, you (almost) no longer have to go to the gym. You connect your glasses where your coach will appear who dictates the pace and the exercises to be performed. No more excuses.

All types of workouts

Finally, the Metaverse is undoubtedly a game changer in the training world. Like the serious games, but also from the excellent Winkyverse project (100% French), learning has never been easier. No more excuses (bis).

bonus tracks

Another industry that will change (again) that of the music industry. Indeed, between projects of stream++ like Audius, UOS and Theta, or the fact of NTF-iser a clip like Booba (which Harvard made for those who doubted his business intelligence), all cards are redistributed.

In short, the Metaverse is much more than a few weeks of hype.

2 (modest) tips:

  • Much like the blockchain world (which will be more than interconnected with the Metaverse), avoid falling behind in understanding this world. Because the digital divide of the web is a pit against this future technological Grand Canyon.
  • Of course the Metaverse is a model Freemium. Don’t worry, you’ll keep the product on the shelf….

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