Check out these 2 crypto payment processors that can improve your shopping experience: Remuno and CryptoPay

With the constant development of blockchain technology, it is exciting to see how cryptocurrencies evolve and gradually integrate into society. The crypto market has grown rapidly beyond people’s expectations over the past decade, especially in 2021 when many financial institutions embraced cryptocurrencies.

The internet has changed the game to improve the way we buy goods and services, powered by payment processors such as ApplePay, Wirex, Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. Although there is still skepticism about using crypto for real purchases due to its volatility. Recent data has revealed that crypto is increasingly being used to pay for products and services.

Small e-commerce businesses would benefit from a crypto payment process like Remuno and CryptoPay as they would provide people with an alternative payment method.

To buy Products in three easy remuno steps

Remuno is an emerging crypto payment processor that aims to simplify the online payment process while increasing retailers’ sales. The platform plans to capitalize on the recent popularity of cryptocurrencies by innovating in smart contracts and enhancing the capabilities of blockchain technology.

Thus, it incentivizes people to buy goods and services using coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others that represent 95% of crypto transactions that can be used for payment.

The platform has three simple steps that lead to inclusion on ecommerce websites. The first step is to contact the company, and once that is done, Remuno will send a registration form to fill out via email. After completing this form, you will have the option to select an API or PlugIn integration tool, which will be available soon.

Finally, the company must place the “pay with crypto” button on its website, where customers can select a cryptocurrency of their choice, send payment to the deposit address and receive a payment notification to confirm that the transaction has been completed.

As noted in an article published by CoinPedia, these simple steps allow customers to feel more comfortable without having to worry about making digital payments. Remuno also wants to be used in real environments such as restaurants, bars and festivals. However, he is waiting for blockchain technology to advance with the speed of transactions to pass faster, which would make it more convenient for people to use.

Use CryptoPay for personal use and business purposes

CryptoPay is a virtual card that allows users to pay online and in-store with their crypto earnings and withdraw money from ATMs. People can debit their account and pay with Visa anywhere while having high spending and withdrawal limits.

CryptoPay is also a free instant plastic card delivered to your door, plus you can have a virtual card on your phone.

The company describes itself as the easiest and fastest way to accept cryptocurrency payments – aiming to innovate businesses around the world by incorporating cryptocurrencies into their payment flows.

CryptoPay offers a guaranteed exchange rate and gives customers the flexibility to manage any price volatility and charge a flat transaction fee of 1%.

Want to know more about Remuno? Consult their website.

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