School: Colossal fine for parents who withdraw their children too early

In France, the summer holidays are fast approaching. Indeed, on July 7, all students can finally put down their notebooks, pens and school bags to fully enjoy the sun for two months. In the meantime, they have yet to attend classes, something some parents don’t respect. However, it is an offense to pick up your child from school a few days before the end of the school year.

Small memory

Less traffic, lower booking prices… It must be said that the advantages of going on holiday earlier than the date planned by the national education system and also letting our children miss the last days of school are many.

So the temptation is great for parents, but taking the plunge can be expensive. Do not forget that in France the law states that school is compulsory for pupils aged 3 to 16. They must attend the courses scheduled in their schedule unless they are on leave. As stated in article L131-8 of the Education Code:

“When a child temporarily misses class, the responsible persons must immediately inform the director of the educational institution of the reasons for this absence. »

Acceptable reasons

Therefore, all failures to attend school must be justified. As stated by the Ministry of National Education and Youth:

“A la carte schools cannot be set up for students.”

And he specifies:

“Holidays taken outside the school holidays established by the national school calendar do not constitute a legitimate reason for absence for a student. »

But what are the permitted absences?

Well, on their site, the public service lists 4. First, your child is allowed to be absent from class if they are sick. Keep in mind that if he is contagious, you will need to provide a medical certificate to the principal of his school. Then you can also let your child miss the last days of school in case you have to take him to a solemn family reunion: wedding, funeral.

Even if there is an obstacle due to an accident during transport. And finally, if the child follows his legal representatives along the way. However, it has been determined that the latter only applies during trips outside the school holidays.

Source: Pexel

The risks of default

For information, all absences are noted in a file. And if the absences are repeated, even if justified, the school principal will contact you to take stock of your child’s situation and remind you of the importance of regular attendance.

In the month you can be absent from Dasen illegally from 4 half-days. He can even do a social investigation into your situation after 10 half-days of absence. And if the latter persists, it is within his right to seize the prosecutor.

As for penalties, as we said before, not going to school can cost you dearly. So, as the public service site always indicates, you risk paying a fine of 135 € in the event that you have no justification for the repeated absences of your child or if they are simply incorrect.

And if the unauthorized absence endangers your child’s education, the fine will be increased by €30,000. Worse, you risk 2 years behind bars.

Fines have already fallen

Evidence that these sanctions are indeed in force was sentenced in 2018 by the Sables-d’Olonne Police Magistrate to a father residing in the Vendée for “violating, without legitimate reason, the obligation to attend school by a person responsible is for the child, despite an administrative warning.”

As a result, the man, whose daughter attended a Catholic school, had to pay two fines of €135. To avoid this, you should be aware that the Ministry of National Education and Youth recommends a dialogue with the parents of students in case of early departure in connection with the summer holidays.

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