Muncq-Nieurlet: a new town hall and a new school in the making

Not a luxury but a necessity: the city will have a new town hall and a new school. Start of work planned for 2023.


the finding

When he took the helm two years ago, Éric Biat’s new municipal team had made an inventory of the municipal heritage, including the school: old prefabs, thermal colander difficult to heat in winter and real ovens in summer. With the town hall we arrived at bills of 800 € for gas and 10,000 to 12,000 € for electricity! The town hall, installed in the former housing of the school director, is poorly insulated, very damp, and requires a handover to the nomen. Instead of starting with the existing one, after consultation with the CAUE (Architecture, Urbanism and Environment Council) and the department’s urban planning cabinet, it was decided to do something new. In addition, the new municipality had acquired the land behind the town hall, which means that the school can continue to run during the works.

Even with the blinds down, the school’s current prefabs are real ovens in summer.


The school project

Goodbye prefabs, hello a really solid school, with another class
; four instead of three to accommodate all the elementary classes of the Intermunicipal Education Group (RPI) with Recques-sur-Hem. A new building will accommodate three classrooms, served by a light circulation corridor. On a second line, a sanitary block is planned, as well as a fourth classroom (which could serve as a progress room or space for associations if the number of staff decreases), and a shared room, which can be used for teacher meetings, herbal tea, or meeting for the city ​​Hall. The current 4th classroom is being converted into a nursery, and the common hall will undergo some insulation and floor work. A small courtyard will be built on the site of the current prefab.


The town hall project

It will be a town hall functional and minimalist said Eric Biat. Are planned in the new building, rather than the current one, two offices for elected officials, a reception for the town clerk and an archive room. That is a total of 530 m2 of construction on one level (town hall + school). As before, weddings and the city council will take place in the common room. The time of works, the town hall will move in the commercial areaif there are empty cells.

This building, which houses the town hall, is being destroyed.
This building, which houses the town hall, is being destroyed.


A choice, geothermal heat

In addition to the CAUE, the Regional Natural Park of Caps et Marais d’Opale, which the city joined in 2021, contributed to the project in the fields of energy, insulation, materials. ” We wanted an innovative building, with materials of biological origin, a wooden frame. And for heating we have opted for geothermal heat on probe explains Richard Landron, First Assistant. ” It may be an extra cost at first, but it will pay off in 30 years’ time ‘ said the mayor in abundance.


Start of works 2023

After a tender, the choice stood out in June the law firm Épure in Saint-Omer (to whom we owe the expansion of CCRA’s headquarters). The sketch phase has just been completed and the municipality has recently received a model of the project, decided after consultation with the teachers and the departmental representative for National Education. The summary concept will be presented in September, then the batches are defined. The hunt for subsidies begins in October. The town hall is counting on 60% subsidies so that this project of 1.3 to 1.4 million euros – or even more if the material costs rise – is feasible for the municipal finances. Then it will be necessary to issue tenders market by market. The start of the work, part of the recovery plan, is estimated in the second or even third quarter of 2023.


A challenge: taking the children of the village to school

If the town hall carries out such work, it is lure village children to school. Because the mayor notices: many children are not educated, the mistake also with the presence of two eccentric hamlets; The Municipality and La Panne. ” For newcomers, we hope there will be fewer defectors », Richard Landron proposes, while the mayor says he is convinced of the power of integration of the school in a village. The RPI currently has 120 students in six classes.

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