La Poste launches its data and AI school

Adapting training to the labor market

The labor market is now undergoing a true transformation. The professions for which we were trained yesterday are no longer necessarily the professions we practice today. And yet, if companies today know how to adapt to the needs of their customers, the evolution of our training system is much slower.

Many public and private players are therefore taking matters into their own hands and creating schools that meet current demand and provide training for the professions of the future. Code schools, ecological transition schools or even training in Big Data professions, instead of passively undergoing candidate shortages, companies are mobilizing and creating new academic paths to educate their future employees.

In particular, to meet the major recruitment needs in the data and AI professions, La Poste founded the Data and AI School. Nathalie Collin, deputy general manager of the group responsible for the consumer and digital sector, says: “La Poste is one of the top 5 AI data companies in the French market. To continue our development in this market, we have a great need for additional experts in this field.”

The School of Data and AI: Strong Values ​​for the Jobs of the Future

This school will enable La Poste to train its own talents in four new, rapidly developing professions:

  • Product owner data
  • data analyst
  • data engineer
  • data scientist

Encouraging Digital Ethics

A solid digital development is not possible without a framework that respects the use of personal data. La Poste has understood this well and therefore does not compromise on ethics. The regulatory aspect is also important, as you need to be able to anticipate future regulations in the field of artificial intelligence. In this sense, students from the School of Data and AI will have to take a course dedicated to ethical AI.

Advocates inclusion of training

The school wants to be as inclusive as possible and therefore offers postmen who want to grow within the company the opportunity to register. The training is also accessible to students with a first post-baccalaureate experience or to candidates in professional retraining, identified through partnerships: associations around technology and inclusion, large digital school…

The school offers qualifying training from three months to a year, depending on the profession. The course is offered on a work-study basis for external candidates. Internal candidates are offered special courses.

Feminizing the tech and AI professions

The group is also committed to promoting diversity by giving more women access to digital professions. The latter are now mainly inhabited by men. The group strives for equality in promotions. According to Natalie Collin: “Often everything starts with school, but we know that women don’t always feel comfortable within the existing structures because they are often in the minority there. We therefore had the idea to create a school dedicated to data/AI, within which we will pay particular attention to respecting parity.”

A target of 250 trained candidates per year by 2025

When the School starts up, the training system is already operational. The School of Data and AI today has its first pilot promotion of 5 external work study students and 36 internal employees in the Data Analyst and Data Engineer professions.

In addition, 25 external candidates will be recruited before the start of the school year in September 2022 and the group aims to recruit 50 before the start of the school year in January 2023. 60 internal candidates must be added to these candidates.

The aim of La Poste is to train up to 250 candidates per year for the next 3 years, with the possibility of being recruited within La Poste at the end of the training.

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