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ON JULY 21, 2022 IN CASABLANCA. HOTEL KENZI TOWER. (11:00). The Morocco-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, based in Casablanca, invited a shocking trio to a conference debate entitled “Doing Business in Israel”, Dan Catarivas, Sabine Segal, Einat Levy.

Dan Catarivas played a leading role in the construction of the Israel-Morocco Chamber of Commerce under the chairmanship of Dr. Yehuda Lancry in Tel Aviv. The first vice president is Dr. Daniel Rouach.

Sabine Segal (Export Institute of Tel-Aviv) and Einat Levy (Israeli Embassy in Rabat) benefit from a long experience in the international development of Israeli companies.

Said Benryane, President of the Morocco-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and Industry and his team therefore propose on 21 July 2022 an economic program very adapted to the current context of binational relations. Indeed, many Moroccans in the business world want to understand the functioning of “economic and industrial Israel”. (Other Morocco-Israel events are planned).

IsraelValley will send you the full program of this exceptional gathering tomorrow.


A. Dan Catarivas is the son of high-ranking diplomats. He was born in Jerusalem to a French-speaking family and lived part of his childhood in Paris. He is a senior official in Israel’s Ministry of Trade and Industry and has served in Hong Kong and Beijing. He is now Director of International Relations for the Israeli Employers’ Association (the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel).

B. Sabine Segal. She is fluent in French and is the director of the Israel Export Institute. “We come to Morocco with the hope of establishing joint ventures. You have ties to many countries where we Israelis have much less, and we hope we can work together in these markets. Our first contacts with Moroccans gave us the impression that we have known them for a long time, because there are so many similarities between us. This way we can quickly and structured on the way to joint projects.”

C. Einat Levy. This 39-year-old Israeli, a political science researcher based in Rabat, is a specialist in economic issues. A graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she has a bachelor’s degree in international relations and the Middle East, as well as a master’s degree in conflict management and resolution studies.

It is associated with two think tanks, on the border between lobbying and research. The first is the Israel Institute for Foreign and Regional Policy (Mitvim) with which she has been collaborating since March 2017, and which “is Israel’s relations in the Middle East, Europe and in Mediterranean”.

The second, with which she has been collaborating since September 2019, is the Forum for Regional Thinking, “which is committed to broadening the discourse in Israel on Middle East-related issues.”

In an article published for Mitvim on the origins of the Israeli-Moroccan cooperation, she returns to the defense contracts between the two countries and confirms the thesis of arms sales concluded before the military cooperation agreement signed on November 24 (in 1963 via Iran and in 2013 via France).


Founded only a few months ago, the CCIMI has already done a tremendous amount of work paving the way for Moroccan and Israeli operators. With a highly dynamic team, the Junior Chamber spares no expense to accomplish its mission. The kingdom signed an agreement to normalize its diplomatic relations with Israel in 2020 and since then the two sides have been making the necessary efforts to make up for lost time on all fronts.

The role of the fledgling Morocco-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMI), which already has nearly 150 market participants in Morocco and chaired by Saïd Benryane, is therefore crucial. He did not remember it during the conference organized in Casablanca, in the presence of personalities from the business world who come from different sectors of the economy and chair the different committees, and different media.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of the national media, present the members of the CCIMI board of directors, as well as our action plan for the year 2022, which will revolve around four major events that will take place in the year 2022. will take place; two here in Morocco and two in Israel Said said Benryane. He explained that the young chamber accompanies the new era in relations between Morocco and Israel and that it forms a bridge towards rapprochement between the two countries. ” We immediately felt a strong enthusiasm from operators here in Casablanca and in other cities. he continued.

It should be recalled that it was in November last year that the CCIMI held the first meeting that established its official constitution and made it possible to set up the entire appropriate structure, including a board of directors consisting of 11 persons to ensure the proper to ensure its operation. ” These eleven people are eminent representatives of the business world Said Benryane said.

It should be noted that the CCIMI was established in the form of a non-profit association in accordance with Moroccan law, and considers itself an organization at the service of strengthening economic relations between the two countries, contributing to greater visibility of the opportunities offered by Morocco and Israel. ” We have new membership requests almost every day. Commented Jonathan Levy, Vice-President of the CCIMI and President of the Commission’s services, assuring that the CCIMI’s double room in Israel (the Israel-Morocco Chamber of Commerce and Industry) arouses the same enthusiasm. are interested in partnerships with the kingdom.

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