Blockchain game Sorare teams up with Lega Serie A, Italy’s best football division

Fantasy football game Sorare reaches agreement with the Lega Serie A, the main division of Italian football. The NFT cards of the players of the 18 teams that are part of this competition will therefore end up on the platform from the 2022-2023 season.é-lega-serie-a-premiere-division-Italienne-Football/

Sorare signs an agreement with the Lega Serie A

Sorare, the fantasy football game, today unveils a partnership with the Italian Premier League: the Lega Serie A. This division faces competition from prestigious clubs such as AC Milan, Juventus Turin and Lazio Rome.

In total, this concerns the 18 clubs in this competition. The latter will therefore benefit from economic benefits of this long-term agreementthrough the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT) representing player cards.

These new maps will be available on the platform from the start of the 2022-2023 season. After the Bundesliga in Germany, La Ligua in Spain and Major League Soccer in the United States and Canada, Sorare closes its fourth major partnership with a large department.

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The Sorare platform only saw the light of day in 2018 2 million users around the world and the many associations with sports organizations symbolize success. The recent diversification of its activities into baseball and the arrival of Kylian Mbappé as ambassador reinforces this trend.

For his part, Nicolas Julia, co-founder and CEO of Sorare, showed: excited about this new collaboration :

“This partnership marks another important step in our journey to become the next sports entertainment giant. The Lega Serie A is a global football powerhouse and home to some of the most iconic and renowned clubs in the history of the sport. It is also where the most passionate and enthusiastic fans of world football can be found. »

Moreover, he adds that the Italian market is the one that registers the strongest growth for the platform. After all, the Italians represent the first international community on Sorare, a partnership with the Lega Serie A is therefore more than relevant.

A successful license

Despite how young the franchise is, Sorare has already become a unicorn and connects partnerships with big names. Last week it was no more or less than Zinedine Zidane, who was announced.

Then we asked their teams how they managed to be listened to and understood by prestigious actors and get to such a result in so little time. Whether with clubs, athletes or different institutions. Brian O’hagan, Head of Growth at Sorare, shared his response with us:

“Sorare has been teaching these institutions about the importance of non-replaceable token technology for their for nearly 4 years now [propriété intellectuelle], develop their brand and new revenues. Now that we have more than 250 partner clubs, we have a foundation, a history, that reassures new partners. In addition, the fact that we are joined by athletes and entrepreneurs of international stature such as Serena Williams and Kylian Mbappé helps in this development strategy. »

And by adding the Italian Premier League to his game, Sorare offers himself an opportunity for further growth. And if the Italian public is as demanding as the platform reports, the latter has all the cards in hand to a new commercial success.

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