Crypto: Who is the new minister Jean-Noël Barrot for the digital transition?

The appointment of Jean-Noël Barrot as the Minister’s deputy for the digital transition and telecommunications surprised observers of French political life. No one expected this economist and Modem deputy of Yvelines Cédric O. A new character appears in the field of crypto!

Jean-Noël Barrot, birth and studies

Jean-Noël Barrot, born in 1983 in Paris, is both an economist and a politician of the MoDem (of which he is secretary general). During the latest refurbishment, which gave rise to the Government terminal 2on July 4, Emmanuel Macron gave his approval to name him as Delegated minister in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications.

Jean-Noel Barrot is the son of a deputyJacques Barrot, also the son of a deputy, Noël Barrot, known as a Christian Democrat who is resistant.

In 2007 the young MP Barrot obtained a Master Grande Ecole from HEC Paris. A year later, he obtained a master’s degree in economic management from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris.

Passionate about studies, Mr. Barrot admits that he has spent 10 years on the HEC campusan institution where he has been working as an associate professor since 2018. This after having fulfilled the same position within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5 years earlier.

Appointment to a ministerial position in favor of crypto

During the parliamentary elections of 2017, Jean-Noël Barrot presented himself, under the banner of the MoDem, as François Bayrou. Walking through the doors of the Palais Bourbon, he was elected Vice-President of the Finance Committee.

It should be noted that during his exercise at the National Assembly, Barrot:

  • was the rapporteur of a law related to the growth and transformation of companies (PACTE)
  • chair of a working group to work on the establishment of a permanent parliamentary evaluation agency
  • contributed to a digital currency information mission under the auspices of Eric Woerth
  • worked closely with Jean Castex on a mission to identify the areas most vulnerable to Covid-19 with a view to economic recovery of areas and businesses

In June 2022, Jean-Noël Barrot . became reappointed as deputy, with 64.27% in Yvelines. During the July 4 reshuffle, Macron and Borne elected him as minister deputy for the digital transition and telecommunications. It should be noted that, unlike Cédric O and his predecessors, Barrot saw his status improve at the protocol level. Because instead of remaining Secretary of State, he inherited the title of deputy minister.

Barrot, a pro crypto?

If he is not, why did he agree to speak at the second edition of Crypto Finance Forum?

As for this event, you know that Adan is the organizer. Following the success of the inaugural edition of the CFF in July 2021, the Association for the Development of Digital Assets deemed it useful to schedule a remake of the Crypto Finance Forum. Until Monday 18 July at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris.

To register for the 2022 edition of the CFF, you must register via this link. To clarify, you may recall that the Maison de la Mutualité will open its doors to the public from 8.30am. The new minister-delegate Jean-Noël Barrot will also give the welcome speech for the occasion. But a question arises: could the latter accelerate the integration of cryptocurrencies in France?

Source: Jean-Noel Barrot; the gallery ; Crypto Finance Forum

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