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Google My Business is a great tool for local businesses. With this free service from Google, professionals can make themselves known and visible on the internet.

It is particularly suitable for small businesses that want to attract visitors to their premises. But also for craftsmen who want to acquire more customers online.

Apply these 6 tips to unlock the full potential of Google My Business:

  1. Fill in all the basic information

First of all, you need to fill out the basic information of your page. Sign in to Google My Business with your Gmail account. Then fill in the following basic information:

  • Company name, phone number and page or website. Be careful, give an easily reachable number.
  • Category(ies) of trade. Select all categories of businesses and services related to your business. Tip: Identify one or two competitors that are performing well and choose the same categories.
  • Address of the property (office, shop, etc.), ideally the one where you want to receive the public.
  • Timetables and other useful information.

In addition, we recommend that you use the full 750 characters to write your business description. Make sure you take care of the writing, integrating the main benefits of your service and a few keywords.

  1. Add images

Second, it’s best to add photos to your My Business page. This creates a certain connection with internet users, while satisfying some of their curiosity. The presence of photos also helps to reassure and strengthen the credibility of your company.

A good practice is to add at least 3 images for each category: exterior, interior and team.

Do you welcome the public or do you want to emphasize the human and warm aspect of your company? Another tip: choose a photo with people as the first image.

A site like geoimgr.com is also useful for geotagging your photos. This gives Google more data to improve your page rank.

  1. Provide as much useful information as possible

In addition to basic data and photos, you are also interested in providing all kinds of useful information.

For example, add your menu with prices. Before choosing a restaurant, people like to know what to expect in terms of food and prices. To make their lives easier, give them as much information as possible before they call you or come to your facility.

If you have a menu, price list, online program or other relevant document, please enclose a PDF. You may then need to convert your original JPG file to PDF. In this case, no software is required. Use Adobe’s online service to convert an image file to PDF. Downloading and possibly printing becomes easier for your prospects and customers.

If your activity is very local, also specify the areas covered by your service (for example: delivery or home intervention). To do this, edit the “Served Areas” section.

Finally, you can even display your social media profiles on your Google My Business listing. In this way, your visitors can learn more about your company and its news. It can even spark their curiosity and encourage interaction.

  1. Focus on customer reviews

Subsequently, customer reviews have a strong influence on how visitors experience your page. According to this study, 88% of consumers trust online reviews and recommendations from other users.

Of course, it’s better if most of the comments are in your favor. So ask your satisfied customers to leave authentic and accurate reviews. If they contain the keywords you’re targeting, even better!

Also, respond to any review, both positive and negative. Always remain courteous and professional in the event of negative advice. Keep in mind that all of these exchanges are public. So you need to return the best possible image.

  1. Use extra features to stand out

Our fifth piece of advice is to take advantage of the additional features offered by the platform. This allows you to provide customers with even more information, contact them or offer an additional service.

Here are some of these features you can use if they’re consistent with your activity:

  • Your Google My Business listing may include a “Questions and Answers” section. From another account, create relevant questions for your customers and prospects to ask. Then respond from the account linked to your page.
  • Use Google My Business Posts to announce an event, important company news, special offers, or blog posts.
  • The messaging feature allows you to text to your targets. This makes it easy for them to communicate with you.
  • Allow an “Appointment” link on your page and associate it with an appointment scheduler such as Calendly or Schedule. This way people can book slots directly with you.
  1. Next to your Google My Business page

Finally, you can also boost your online presence through other actions. It allows you to optimize your Google My Business page for search engines.

First, make sure your site lists the places you want to rank for. So if you want to appear for “plumber in Nantes”, make sure a page on your site is about this topic.

Then regularly publish articles to take up more space on Google. This will improve your online visibility and increase your credibility.

Listing in local directories can also help you improve your ranking with Google. Keep in mind that your name, address, and phone number should be consistent across the web. Creating multiple consistent entries in different directories will positively impact your Google ranking. And even Google Maps.

Finally, make use of Google Maps quotes, directions, and other ways to increase your map presence.

In short, any additional Google My Business visibility action will benefit your local business!

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