2035: Will Bitcoin Mining Save the World? [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world look like in 2035? – U.S favorite cryptos have they disappeared or will they become more than ever the heart of our economy? The bitcoin blockchain will she have changed the face of the world? We had fun, through little stories, imagining our lives in the not-so-distant future. The story that follows is fictionalized, imaginary, dystopian, with no pretense of guessing the future. Have fun with us also through our new summer format available on our Twitter. Embark on the DeLorean JDC, heading for 2035!

The beginning of an ecological disaster

July 13, 2035 – Unbearable heat, all of France sweats profusely in 48°C sunshine. This summer is the hottest ever since we were able to record anything. New sea routes are now opening through the Arctic, where Canada and Russia, debating the merits of their position within the Arctic Council, are so coveted.

07:10 am – In his Paris apartment, Bastien drinks his coffee while listening to the news.

— … as you know, the nuclear power plants are now closed and will remain so for another two years to bring them back up to standard, which is much needed. Summer helps, but we don’t have to suffer from the repeated power cuts we’ve had this winter…

8:15 am – Bastien gets into his taxi and then opens his newspaper.

The front page lauds the merits of extensive wind farm and solar panel installation programs slated to invade the countryside and mountains this year. Where there is space.

“Finally, the government is getting started with the ecological transition, it was time! title of the paper.

– … can’t say we didn’t warn you! We’ve been talking about financing renewable energy sources for years. Why the US and Europe waited so long before going to mining ? complains an expert on the radio.

9:03 a.m. – Bastien arrives at the Hôtel de la Roquelaure and hastily joins his colleagues from the Ministry of Ecological Transition. He has a meeting with the advisory teams of BigBlock data center. The project for which he is responsible has just started, but we have yet to get started on the right track. Bastien looks at his watch, he’s not early.

— Hi Christine, hello Axel…

“Hello, Mr Pillou!”

10:15 a.m. – As Bastien pours his second coffee of the day, he thinks back to the recent advances in energy.

Last winter’s recurring power cuts were an electric shock to the government. To put an end to the numerous demonstrations of green vests, the president announced a major investment plan for a period of 5 years to ensure France’s self-sufficiency in carbon-free energy sources, including 50% of the balance in renewable energy sources.

A goal that Bastien believes is far too ambitious for the announced deadline, but he had nothing to say about it. And in the end it is he who will have to answer for the result. He sighs and then swallows his coffee in one gulp, he’s already late for the next appointment.

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The planet saved by Bitcoin mining?

12:30 pm – Bastien descends to the base of the building and takes a minute to walk to the Maison Galland bakery. Ai, €27 for a sandwich… That’s also a problem, Bastien thinks, but luckily it’s not up to him to solve it. To each his own cross, as they say.

13:30 – After a 3rd coffee, it’s time for the long-awaited meeting with the representatives ofEDF, ENGIE and TotalEnergies.

Some of their production is now continuing bitcoin mining machines. Bastien has questions and they need to be answered.

4:45 PM – Warm exchange on the phone with his American counterpart. Share information about similar construction sites underway across the ocean. The Americans are not leading the way either. Unlike some African countries and El Salvador, industry pioneers.

El Salvador, ahead of its time, is already mining Bitcoin with the energy of its volcanoes.

The conclusion is there. For several years now, there has been a rebalancing of economic forces and this is not going in the direction of France.

7.30 pm – In the return taxi, Bastien thinks back to the various energy reports that have appeared on Bitcoin in recent years.

Already in 2022 a whole series of research reports appeared: Coinshare, value chain, showing that mining is relevant to the development of alternative energy sources. the Bitcoin Mining Council had also made his voice heard in the US by publishing a report and then writing a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency.

“How did we miss all that then?” Bastien grumbled aloud.

– Sorry sir ? the driver asked.

“Sorry, I was talking to myself.

8:15 p.m. – Bastien takes a shower and then gets ready to eat.

Why was France so ignorant at the time? Fear of the unknown, fear of innovation? Lack of time, resources? She has nothing more today, except that she has no choice now, he thought.

8:30 in the evening. – Distracted, he watches the news on TV.

“… Bitcoin City in El Salvador, where the next international Bitcoin conference will be held. Michael Saylor and Elon Musk will participate in a roundtable on the theme “Bitcoin, why haven’t we understood it from 2022?” »

11:10 p.m. – Lying in his bed, Minister of Ecological Transition sigh. If only his predecessors had acted sooner… He takes one last look at his laptop. On the screen, the weather forecast for the next day announces 50°C in Paris.

Bitcoin mining. Criticized from all sides on the basis of prejudice spread by the media. However, recent expert research reports often demonstrate, with supporting figures, the relevance of this new process. Thanks to him, a new impulse could be given to the development of renewable energy. Will our leaders realize it in time? Impossible to know, even for us who, in 2035, have taken a peek into one of the many dystopian futures that lie ahead. Did you enjoy the walk?

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