XAnge is about to rock the house in Web3 with his new wallpaper!

The famous French venture capital investment fund XAnge recently announced the: conclusive from a fund of 220 million euros. Above all, the fund is determined to penetrate the European Web3 market. Luc Jodet, co-founder of Arianee becomes a partner of Digital Ownership, a fund with 80 million euros to support European startups. It will be the first French fund to be able to invest in tokens. A risky bet to support an extremely fast ecosystem that needs colossal capital to really compete with web2.

XAnge: The early stage specialist is interested in web3

XAnge is one of the most dynamic venture capital funds in Europe with a strong presence in France, but also in Germany, Belgium or Switzerland. With a portfolio of almost 600 million eurosthe fund can be proud to have excavated some unicorns as Lydia Where ledger. With tickets in between €300,000 and €10 millionXAnge specializes in the early stage (the first moments of a start-up).

After a very prosperous 2021, XAnge announced on July 7 the creation of an investment fund specialized in web3 with an envelope of 80 million. Its good financial results enabled it to collect enough money and deliver its remarkable performance to convince investors to take to the internet3.

What to dig up new gold nuggets completely? bear market. If the fund has already invested in web3 companies such as dogami Where Apply for financing, he plans to shift up a gear. After all, the recession phases also spawned the largest web2 companies: Amazon, Stripe, Paypal…

The funding crisis that we have been observing in VC for several months and the decline in Tech values, not even scary for XAnge!

A web3 entrepreneur to drive digital ownership

Who better than a web3 entrepreneur to manage this new venture capital fund? it will be Luc Jodetthe co-founder from Ariane digital ownership. Like a memory, Ariane helps brands to tokenize assets by creating their series of NFTs, for example. Very well-known brands such as IBM or Paris Fashion Week have already put their trust in Arianee to expand their marketing strategy and the fledgling company recently announced a fundraiser 20 million euros.

Experimenting and confronting the realities on the ground are essential to forge a good investor.

No wonder XAnge is so early in the topic of crypto in France. Several years ago, the fund quickly positioned itself in favor of this technology (Ledger, Coinhouse, etc.), thanks to people like Cyril Bertrand, managing partner. In addition, it will be present on Bitcoin Bitcoin.

Financial and human support to create remarkable crypto startups

If we see that the capital deposited by US venture capital funds as: a16z who want to monopolize this promising market, we can only welcome the arrival of a European fund in this technological race. In an ecosystem as fast as crypto and ssubject to the power of network effectscompanies urgently need capital to grow rapidly and meet demand. The era of blitz scaling (where rapid growth becomes vital) indeed costs a lot of money.

The rise of token economy radically changes the investment models of venture capitalists who have to adapt. This is how Digital Ownership will invest both in equity and through acquiring tokens. Great news : all European web3 startups finance themselves with Digital Ownership!

For example, in addition to financial support, XAnge can support a new generation of entrepreneurs in recruitment problemswhich are legion due to talent shortages.

“We are raising a web3 fund to support the biggest technology breakthrough of the next 20 years”. XAnge understood that crypto was a promising innovation sector, that the bear market presented a golden opportunity to dig up gold nuggets at a lower cost. Above all, XAnge gives us the pleasure to say that Europe is still in the technology race.

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