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In France, a large number of web schools have blossomed in recent years to meet the needs of businesses and students. These new and growing schools offer: practical and professional training in the field of digital. These are often seen as alternatives to technical or business schools.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that each of the web schools is a strategy to prepare for the new digital challenges. Here’s everything you need to know about the web schools in France.

What is a web school?

What is a web school?
What is a web school?

Also web schools, called digital schoolsare specialized branches that offer various training courses in the field of digital and IT.

Some schools offer general courses that either focus on the methods and techniques of digital communicationor on the web.

There is also web marketing and management.

Other schools focus more on the creative side of web jobs, namely:

  • Pictures ;
  • web creation;
  • 3D animation;
  • video gamesetc.

Over the years, companies specializing in digital are growing and can be found all over France. As the ranking of the student site shows, these schools are present in different cities of the country.

What diplomas to integrate a web school?

Web schools generally offer courses at all levels of study, adapted to each student. This allows thousands of profiles to apply to these schools. Students can integrate a web site anywhere in France.

Indeed, the major French cities have almost a hundred schools specialized in digital including L’Institute for Internet and Multimedia (IIM). This school, certified by the state, is located in the district of La Défense and offers a 5-year course. At the same time, the school Sup the Web, based in Marseille, Paris, Toulouse, Brussels, Nice and Strasbourg, offers several state-recognized titles. These titles cover digital professions, e-marketing, community management, content creation, etc.

It should be noted that cities such as Grenoble, Lyon, Rennes and Nantes also have many branches to prepare for the web. In addition, high school students with a technological or scientific education have access to web schools. These schools are also open to BUT or BTS holders.

Who are web schools for?

Web schools are for students who want to increase their knowledge and learn more about: digital professions. It is worth noting that most of these schools are also open to profiles without a degree. Under these specific circumstances, demonstrating the expertise and experience gained as an autodiact is essential.

In reality, these institutions, which are accessible without a degree, are addressing other problems. They are aimed at young people who are motivated to put their heart and soul into web training.

The web training program

The program is made up of different units of study and differs per digital institution. However, there are units that all programs have in common. Among these you will find: digital strategy, computer engineering, web integration, web culture, web communication and project management. The program of web schools often combines general and practical lessons.

The candidates’ sense of creativity is tested through professional projects in collaboration with companies. As the digital world is booming, trainings are organized so that candidates can adapt to new realities. In this way they can better increase their skills and their autonomy. Thanks to numerous internship durations, students quickly benefit from vocational integration. Click here for more information on professional integration in France.

Given the significant number web schools in France, it is necessary to take into account some criteria before making your choice. The price is the first criterion to consider, as these schools have to pay around 6000 euros per year. Please note that tuition fees change depending on the school chosen. Keep in mind that not all schools are state approved. This is often due to their lack of seniority.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to inform in advance about the awareness of the schools and the training they offer. Without forgetting the access conditions before making your choice. By joining a reputable school, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of European credits and obtain an official diploma. It is also necessary to learn about the variety offered by the school.

It is important to evolve in the professional education, because this way you can pay your contract. This makes your resume more interesting and facilitates your entry into a large company. It is also advisable to check the seniority of the school. Do your education in a school parent can be a plus when looking for a job.

Professional opportunities after a web school?

The courses taught in web schools provide graduates with access to many jobs in the digital world.

Especially with the new professions that continue to flourish, web company graduates will find a position that fits their profile.

The digital professions are divided into three main groups, including the profession of web developer, graphic designer and web project manager.

Each group focuses on a specific sector.

Where should you practice web jobs?

Today, the internet can be found in all areas of activity. Many companies are constantly working on search for web experts demonstrate their know-how at different levels. Students from web schools can, for example, work in the consultancy or assistance sector. They will be able to provide technical and custom support.

So these can go to marketing or web communication to propose communication strategies and boost a company’s image. Others will be more concerned with securing or managing networks across different companies. Graduates may also focus on developing and designing applications, software, etc.

Can you continue your education after a web school?

Students who want to continue their studies after the web school can choose to: do an MBA in digital. This training takes place during 2 years in a large management or company location. This training at a very high level. It enables candidates to gain important knowledge in the management and development of a company without straying from the web sector.

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