Paul, business school student and construction rapper

A student at Iéseg, Paul spent several years finding his way between his studies in business school and his passion for rap. From Grenoble to Paris via Lille, between odd jobs and a health crisis, he tells about his journey.

Attracted to creation since childhood, it is to the photo and video that Paul wants to direct, dreaming of the Fémis. To get better grades and integrate a dedicated preparation, he repeats his first S.

The test is inconclusive and in the end the young Isérois passes the competitions of business schools and IEP (Institutes of Political Studies). He won a place in the post-baccalaureate Grande Ecole program (PGE) in Iéseg, in Lille.. “The choice was made quickly. Be very creative, I needed a frame not to get lost“, he explains.

A business school to touch everything

In his business school, Paul studied accounting, marketing and law… and explore other roads. He gets involved in associations, at the Bureau des arts, organizes events including an eloquence contest and digs his musical groove.

“Since my third grade, in 2014-2015, I made instrumental music on the computer and trained myself as an autodidact. All you need is a computer and a little patience. To compose I looked at the ‘Lessons from Stromae’a really complete artist for me.”

Invest in a more powerful computer, he works two summers and gets his hands on it through photo albums or clips he makes for friends or companies. “At Iéseg, I was able to tinker with fake radio broadcasts, because I continued to learn video editing and sound mixing for my part.”

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Putting music first

he then the click that brings the music to the foreground. In March 2020, he returned near Grenoble, to his parents’ house and followed distance courses. “We had to be very diligent” because there is a risk of repetition. Paul admits that in his extracurricular activities he “wasn’t very focused on the core of the study.”

“Lockdown was a time to take a step back. Supported by my family, I have the freedom to do what I want. But for many, the question ‘what do I want to do?’ is the hardest. There I said to myself: ‘In reality you want to make music’. I did it every day!”

One thing is stopping him. “I’ve wanted to sing since I was five, but I didn’t feel able to write lyrics.” He jumps into the water and post a piece. The first comments – positive – encourage it.

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Finding Legitimacy as a Rapper

At the start of the 2020 school year, remote lessons will resume and Paul will continue the music. It gains visibility through competitions on social networks. Mentos brand contacts him. Proposal ? Make a song with another rapper to target 15-20 year oldswith a complete experience on the game: a contract including a studio recording, a clip, with registration with Sacem…

Paul launches, after weighing his decision. “Compared to some rapper friends, I realize I have more baggage. I negotiated a point that didn’t suit me in the contract and for social networks, I know you have to see yourself as a brand. The courses bring me this critical mind and this general culture.”

Passionate and resourceful, the 22-year-old analyzes the Mentos experience as “the conversion of the troubadour” into a professional artist.

To the point of throwing everything away? Paul hesitates to stop his studies. “For example, I don’t see myself working in consultancy. It’s not my path. But I want to finish my education: it gives me the legitimacy be a smart long-term artist and make wise decisions. And if the music doesn’t work, I have a plan B.”

Make a plan between his studies and rap

On Instagram he has 4.535 subscribers and his piece Doliprane works well (song to listen to above, editors note). “I say music is my thing and if I don’t do it, it’s no use.”

Returning from a six-month exchange in Vilnius (Lithuania), Paul “has a plan in mind”. Freshly landed in Paris, where he found a maid until December, he will combine studies and rap. During the day he works on his graduation thesis on the music industry and in the evenings he composes in the studio. “I want to rediscover the joy of writing and I’ve made up my mind to release one song a month.”

In early 2023, he hopes to fly to Italy or Spain, to validate his degree with a semester internship in the record industry. “I give myself a year to be artistically strong enough and sign a contract,” the young rapper specifies. “I have contacts, musical and video skills and my education in business school armed me. Right now I’m a bit like Aznavour at the beginning of the song I already saw myself : I believe it ! Utilities… I have to write songs!”

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