A talented young student at the Lesdiguires hotel school in Grenoble

Lola Creux and Michel Lugnier

Thursday 7 July The Sorbonne, Mr Michel LugnierInspector General of National Education, responsible for the hotel-restaurant sector, congratulated Lola Hollow for his first place in the Concours Gnral des Lyces. He greeted this young winner of the STHR (Sciences and Technologies of the Hotel and Catering) Baccalaureate with a “very good” honor and “congratulations to the jury”. At the start of the next school year, Lola will take a year off and has enrolled at the University of Brisbane in Australia to improve her English language skills, while awaiting a BTS MHR at Lyce Lesdiguires in September 2023. Mr Michel Lugnier has encouraged Lola to continue her studies well beyond BTS in light of this already exemplary and promising course.

Stphane Robindeputy director of the hotel school Lesdiguires, Augustin Hernandezprofessor of business economics, Mrs. Lola Creux, winner of the general competition, loco Donnier-Valentinprofessor STC, Vronique LemassonSTS teacher gives us her impressions:

On the side of the Grenoble hotel school, the management is fully committed to the revaluation of the technological path: ” students know why they choose the STHR Technology branch that directly links this qualifying education to the higher level of the BTS MHR with a profession with demanding skills in constant evolution “. Na Dan Perrier (2nd prize at the Concours Général in 2021), Lyce Lesdiguires supports the ambition of students in their “passionate” profession and greets all who encourage and support them: their loved ones, their classmates and of course their teachers on this exciting journey. from success to exams and for some even more, to various competitions…

While preparing for the general competition, Lola Creux was able to benefit from and enrich herself with the many advices and lessons passed on by the teaching team:

Mr. Hernandez, associate professor of business economics, guided our young student through the preparation of the written test.

After introducing herself and explaining her motivations in a short, beautifully crafted video, Lola’s candidacy was accepted.

An hour of weekly preparation enabled Lola to master the methodology of writing. A healthy race has developed between the different preparers (5 in number), with exchanges that are always stimulating, also for their teacher!

His motivations, his eagerness to learn and his accuracy at work remained intact until the end of the tests!

During the written composition, Lola composed around the theme: “A French hotel industry deprived of international customers” and was able to develop her problem: “How has this context, in strong evolution, prompted hotel restaurant owners to reinvent their profession?”. On this occasion, she was able to demonstrate in a relevant way the evolutions of consumer behavior and the adaptations that the profession developed to respond to them. »

The competition doesn’t stop there for Lola, when a few weeks later she learns that she is part, as well as 2 of her comrades, Nobility Vitrouc and Elisa Tardy of the 12 finalists selected for the STS and STC field tests to be held in Argels in June!

From that moment on, time stands still for Lola and her comrades and the weeks of preparation intensify.

Mr. Donnier-Valentin, STC teacher and Ms. Lemasson, STS teacher start with the three students to prepare the practical workshops. A dense and ambitious program offered to young candidates to confront them with the different practical topics on which they will have to demonstrate their abilities.

In the kitchen it was the intention to prepare the students for the BAC exams on a heavier version. The candidates had to propose a creative recipe from a basket and imposed techniques. But that required them to respond in writing to organizational and scientific issues while providing a recipe sheet adapted to the constraints of the subject…

The difficulty of this preparation lay in the ability to assert their technical and professional skills in the hour 50 of the production of 4 covers, while mastering the spoken word during the final 15 minute interview. This year they focused on cooking a veal fillet in combination with anchovies and then making a short gravy and a stuffed vegetable. The required level to be reached for the most part allows you to project yourself in BTS MHR! With panache and a flawless investment, they were up to the challenge!

In science and technology of services, the level is also very demanding, inspired by the exams of BAC, 3 hours of test in succession for Lola.

A first written proof of one hour that allows the candidate to appropriate a professional context to explain his technological knowledge through the notions of the STHR program: service offer, atmosphere factors, communication, value creation…

To take a 2 hour trial that will revolve around 3 workshops:

Restaurant: entertainment

Marketing: the promotion of a product

Accommodation: the reception of a VIP customer in a room

Through these 3 consecutive workshops of 30 minutes each with 1 preparation time of 30 minutes, Lola will demonstrate her technical skills, social skills, human and professional qualities! Making a cocktail based on Pineau des Charentes, flaming the shrimps for 2 people, organizing a VIP reception for the arrival of an important customer, Lola was able to answer the judges spontaneously and with determination!

A ceremony in his honor will be organized at the school, probably at the beginning of the school year in September, with which we will associate his 2 other comrades, Adele Vitrou, and Elisa Tardy presented in the final.

Of course, Lola’s teachers, those who prepared her, close friends and family will be associated with this upcoming ceremony for the start of the 2022 school year!

The sentiment of the laureate, Lola Creux:

“I started the Concours général des lyces on the advice of my teachers and the management of my school.

I was not difficult to convince, I have always loved competitions, the energy they give us to surpass ourselves and give the best of ourselves. This allows us to learn even faster.

We were wonderfully prepared, both in writing (the proof is that we were selected with 3) and for weeks in the field.

Hard work always pays off and after three years of learning, discipline and passion I was ready to challenge my own abilities. This competition, which brings together all the specialisms of the STHR Technological Baccalaureate, was something I never imagined, but for me it was an excellent way to close these three years.

We came across very interesting, surprising and thought-provoking topics, on which we could all express our skills and our own personalities.

Going to Argels sur mer for the practical tests and then to the historic and emblematic Sorbonne University for the awards ceremony were unforgettable and enriching experiences, from which we emerged mature and mature before entering higher education.

Finally, I would like to underline and thank the commitment of the teaching staff and management, without whom none of this would have been possible.


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