The first petanque school in the Allier is founded in Montluçon

Two of the five greatest players in the history of petanque sport are Bourbonnais: Christian Fazzino, voted Player of the Century in 2000, and Philippe Suchaud, fourteen-time world champion.

Both are in their fifties and the next generation is slow to point the finger, even if the young Montluçonnais Valentin Beulama, who has gone to other places, has already made people talk about him by joining the French team to join.

For the first initiation of his biography, Christian Fazzino finds his readers in his city of Montluçon

Therefore, the launch of a petanque school on Wednesday, July 13 at the Christian-Fazzino bowling alley can only delight fans of this sport. “It was part of my election manifesto,” recalled the mayor, Frédéric Laporte, in the presence of Jean Massini, president of the departmental committee.

Created after several months of work, this school is the result of an agreement between four clubs in the region: the Amicale des Marais (Montluçon), the Lampier club (Estivareilles), Arpheuilles-Saint-Priest and Pétanque boules Chambletoise (Chambélet).

Elected officials, leaders of the four partner clubs and counselors posed for the family photo.

It will accommodate up to fifty licensees, ages seven to 17, and will be supervised by local volunteer educators with federal training. Two days a week, Guillaume Lascoux and Eddy Amiot will accompany the youngsters: Wednesday from 2 pm to 4.30 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 11 am.

The school will open in the fall

“The school will open its doors to the youngest to lower grades at the beginning of the school year in September,” said Patrick Léonardo, the school’s pedagogical and pedagogical director. Our goal is to train young people who can reach the top level.”

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For Guillaume Lascoux, president of Pétanque Chamblétoise, it was time to learn from a constant loss of licensees. “The majority of our young people are children of players we lose when we get to the senior stage.” The leader will therefore do everything he can to ensure that the seven young people of his club participate in the various school sessions. “I hope they all come. At least they seem motivated”?!

Influencer Tanguy Penin can play petanque in different ways.

influencer. The launch of the petanque school was dominated by the demonstration of Tanguy Penin, one of the influencers in the petanque field. While incarcerated, he made himself known by posting hundreds of videos devoted to petanque. Originally from Châteauroux, Tanguy was fired from Millau before joining the Monaco club.

Fabrice Redon

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