Netflix Releases Its First Collection of NFTs, and They’re Beautiful

Subscribers since July 1, 2022 netflix have access to all season 4 of Weird stuff† If fans of the series after the fifth series of episodes are entitled to: a spin-off series and a theatrical adaptationthe Upside Down universe extends through from another project available from July 14: a beautiful collection of NFT!

Weird stuff : after season 5 it’s still not the end

Season 4 of Weird stuff has some surprises in store for fans of the series! After discovering how Jim Hopper escaped from the Russian prison he was incarcerated in, how Eleven regained his powers, and how Will suffered for years from his unrequited love for Mike, viewers could finally witness at the reunion between Vecna ​​and Elf.

If at the end of Part 2 of Season 4 you could believe that Nancy, Steve and Robin got rid of the creature of the Upside Down, it’s better not to kid ourselves, the war between Vecna ​​and our heroes of Hawkins has only just begun… If this plot is explored and probably completed by the end of Season 5 of Weird stuffthe Duffer brothers have announced that they are working in parallel on a spin-off series around the Upside Downwhile Netflix prepares a theatrical adaptation of fiction† N rouge’s company isn’t done surfing the success of Weird stuffproof, today she offers fans of the series another project around their favorite show.

Netflix launches a collection of NFTs Weird stuffwhat there is to know

In partnership with digital collection company Candy Entertainment, Netflix is ​​offering a series of mysterious NFTs starting July 14 Weird stuff† The first NFT Candy x Netflix collection Weird stuff titled The reverse series goes live today on 11,111 NFTs will be put up for sale at a unit price of $11.

The collection includes 17 limited edition posters of characters from the cult series. Out of all the characters on offer, Eleven has the most limited edition with only 223 NFTs available, compared to 613 and 748 NFTs for the others. Each image can be purchased through the Palm Blockchain, an Ethereum-based side chain with a carbon footprint of less than 1%.

Do you feel them sneaking up on you?\ud83d\udd70

July 14 is your date to unpack @Stranger_Things digital collectibles and discover a new dimension of fandom \ud83c\udf6c\u2764\ufe0f‍\ud83d\udd25

July 12, 2022

Can you feel them crawling all over you? \ud83d\udd70

July 14 is your date to unbox @Stranger_Things digital collectibles and experience a new dimension of fandom \ud83c\udf6c\u2764\ufe0f‍\ud83d\udd25

Interested collectors can buy the NFTs from 14th July from 2pm and have until 21st July to get one or more† You understood that since these are mysterious NFTs, it is impossible to know which poster you will fall on. However, if you want a chance to fall on Eleven, the rarest of the collection, it is possible to get any of the 17 characters, for a total of $275. According to information from Candy, these NFTs have no specific roadmap : However, owners will be able to trade or sell their NFTs on the secondary market.

Even if these NFTs aren’t overly expensive, some fans might still get annoyed at the idea of: spend money to access this content† Especially since NFTs don’t have such a good reputation. In addition, this announcement could foreshadow other Netflix NFTs. Indeed, if these NFTs Weird stuff has some success, the N rouge will be able to repeat the experience on other series, with more expensive prices.

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