Former Chabrits School: Only one offer has hit rock bottom, in the news

On April 5, the elected officials of the Mende City Council put the old school of Chabrits up for sale. On June 30, they gave the mayor permission to sign the deed of sale.

We have decided to sell this building so that a Mendoise family can settle there and move into it again, as it is falling into disrepair because it has not been used for four or five years, explained Laurent Suau. Naturally, we asked France Domaine for an evaluation, which replied €248,000 with a bargaining margin of about 15%. We had set a floor price of €225,000. We had many visits and requests for explanations, but only one proposal matched this minimum price

Fabienne Hierle spoke: “Mr. Mayor, you claim that only one offer has been made. You’re wrong. There was at least one other bid that admittedly had a lower purchase price. Why not talk about this second offer?

The mayor had no trouble answering the elected member of the opposition group “De Mende et vous”: “You said it yourself: this second offer did not reach the bottom price. This proposal could therefore not be taken into account. I repeat that there was only one offer that reached the bottom price

It’s not all clearFabienne Hierle nevertheless added.Initially, this building was to serve as a storage facility for sports equipment. Eventually it will be sold. I wonder: Wasn’t a favor granted?

Laurent Suau could not appreciate this attack: “Again, you cast suspicion on the mayor of Mende. It eventually gets annoying. I have never intervened in this case. It was the services of the community that took care of it, including the visits. I pass this building but it has been years since I entered it. What annoys me is that I see grass growing everywhere. We don’t have time to maintain it. We thought it might be useful for the new school to store equipment, as it lacks space. But it doesn’t work: the new school doesn’t use the old school building. The conclusion is clear

Sixty building applications

The mayor dropped an explosive figure: “The urban planning department has sixty building applications! We have private housing projects that are full. The same applies to social housing projects. We have prospects in Bahours, Chabannes and in the north of the city. We must offer what the Mendois seek. Not all of them want to live in the inner city. Some want their own house

I completely disprove the fact that you have any suspicion against the mayor of Mende which I don’t know what would have done. please stopthundered Laurent Suau.

When he didn’t mention a name, Philippe Pouget went a little further than Fabienne Hierle: “Here we are! We are at the end of the process whereby the municipality has appropriated this property of the Chabrits section by appealing to the public interest. This also made it possible to avoid a referendum and thus the prefect (Valérie Hatsch) was able to transfer this property to the heritage of the municipality. Mayor, I am not going to dispute your intentions, but we are clearly in an operation of private interest. The buyer’s wife is the sister of one of your assistants

You know very well that we are checked at each of our deliberations, the mayor recalled. Mr Pouget, you are also in regular contact with the prefecture. You have seen that in the old school of Chabrits the prefect indicated that the operation to transfer this property from the section to the municipality was legal

Laurent Suau underlined that the old school of Chabrits was “built by the city. For a century, the money involved has always been that of all Mendois. The residents of Chabrits did not want the city to convert the old school into a building that would significantly increase the number of homes. We could indeed have razed this building to the ground and built a building with apartments. The residents are committed to respecting the character of the village of Chabrits. In short: a plot, a house. We respect this wish

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez, I don’t know them. You can’t burden me because I’m a partisan. I don’t see why she shouldn’t have had the right to apply, since she’s the sister of an elected member of this city council. You are looking for things that are off topicconcluded the mayor.

The city council approved the sale of the two plots (with a total area of ​​1,359 m .)2) from the former Chabrits school to Jean-Philippe and Roxane Gonzalez for a prize of €225,000.

All elected members of the majority voted in favour. The three elected members of the opposition group “De Mende et vous” (Bruno Portal, Emmanuelle Soulier and Fabienne Hierle) abstained. The four elected members of the opposition group “Mende Avenirs” (Philippe Pouget, Karim Abed, Michelle Jacques and Jérémy Bringer) voted against.

The elected officials of the Mende City Council registered the sale of the old school of Chabrits on April 5. Photo city Mende

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