11 professions of the future in the digital sector

Digital is one of the most dynamic recruitment sectors. And rightly so, the Internet has completely revolutionized both our lives and our business activities.

So there are a large number of jobs in digital and digital. These functions call for flexibility, but also a desire to contribute to economic and cultural development.

In addition, some digital professions are focused on marketing, while others are more focused on communication. There is also a category focused on business data. Either way, they all meet today’s requirements.

So what are the 11 professions of the future in the digital world


One of the jobs of the future in digital technology is also that of a cybersecurity expert. The role of this engineer is to:ensure data protection against hackers and intervenes at companies with a computer system.

It must be said that with the development of new technologies, computer security has become a real challenge for most companies. So we are witnessing the actions of “Anonymous”, an activist movement with the ability to hack government sites. What does the . show vulnerability of current computer systems† Faced with the explosion of cybercrime, companies are often looking for an IT specialist.

In the computer security industry, it is clear that supply exceeds demand. And rightly so, cybersecurity is a relatively recent profession. In 2019 there were about 25,000 employees in this area

Most jobs are concentrated around Paris, given the large number of large companies in this area. As a cybersecurity expert, your mission is to protect the data and the reliability of the company’s computer system. Several actions will have to be performed for this:

  • performing an information system diagnosis,
  • providing security solutions to strengthen data security,
  • implementation of security processes,
  • guarantee of the durability of security systems,
  • updating security systems according to the latest technologies and new threats.

As you will have understood, in addition to a certain know-how, this job also requires a thorough knowledge. It is in this context that the cybersecurity training with which you can become a real IT specialist. It enables you to have all the knowledge and skills needed to be able to ensure corporate data security

The digital project manager

The digital project manager is the person who is responsible for executing digital projects. It can be the design of sites, mobile applications, software, etc. He is responsible for the planning and ensures the performance of the results† To fulfill his missions in the best possible way, he works closely with developers, web marketers and designers.

At the same time, he will have to develop a communication strategy on the web. To achieve this, he defines the editorial needs of clients and a digital communication policy. He will thus organize, animate and manage the content transmitted on the various digital media. Likewise, it performs a analysis of circulation statistics and use of content.

If you want to become a digital project manager, you need to be creative and have a developed sense of management and advice. Versatility is also an essential quality.

the copywriter

He is also called a writer-designer and his mission is to produce advertising content† With the success of e-commerce nowadays, copywriters are increasingly in demand by businesses and entrepreneurs, especially in the field of copywriting.

digital business copywriter

In concrete terms, the copywriter must put a company, a brand, a product or a service in the spotlight through its content. To achieve this, it is necessary that he has a perfect knowledge of the language used, the field of web writing, the Internet and computer tools.

Likewise he must have digital marketing skills and have the ability to identify customer needs.

The growth hacker

Growth hacking refers to the methods used to ensure the growth of a company. Thus, the role of an expert growth hacker will be to participate in the development of the latter by focusing its actions on digital.

So he will be able to refer naturally, use programming for theautomation of certain tasks (sending emails, collecting data, etc.). Likewise, he will have to produce online advertisements and work on the e-reputation and visibility of the brand or products.

Community manager

The task of community manager is one of the professions of the future in the digital world. As a specialist you are responsible for the presence of a company or brand on social networks. Your objectives include the management and federation of a community of internet users† This requires the production of high quality content across social, media and digital media.

Community manager digital affairs

In addition, the community manager monitors the company’s reputation on the internet (e-reputation) and acts as a moderator in the various discussion channels. In order to achieve his goals, it is important that he is ultra-connected to all social networks and that he shows imagination. He must also be a good communicator and master writing techniques

Chief Data Officer

The CDO, also called data director in French, is active in the big data sector. This is the data that can be used to obtain strategic information and intelligence. More and more companies are using it foroptimization of their activities and their performance.

The chief data officer’s mission is to collect and analyze data to uncover the most important information. These are then exploited by the company. To accomplish his mission, he must operate anduse of analytical tools, databases, mathematics and statistics. It is also essential that he has all the information about the company where he works.

UX designer

This is the professional responsible for understanding and implementing the user experience optimization strategy (UX Design). The latter does not only concern the concept of usability and ergonomics. It also extends to the emotion an internet user may feel when using a product or browsing a site.

Web-centric, the UX Designer works for improve the user experience of a website† He will thus focus on different aspects, namely the interface, the technical aspect, the functionalities, the content, etc. The aim is to ensure user satisfaction and make them want to come back to visit the website.

UX-Digital Business Designer

The UX Designer should have an excellent level of creativityan analytical capacity as well as skills in multimedia, programming, CMS… He must be able to understand and interpret the expectations of the users.

the traffic manager

In the world of media and advertising, the traffic manager is responsible for setting up advertising campaigns for advertisers on the web. He chooses the right carriers and also performs campaign monitoring

This professional must be strict, master all things numbers and mathematics and know the levers of communication. He must also be able to listen and organize and be available.

The web developer

The web developer is the creator and author of the lines of code. It uses front-end (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT…) and back-end (Javascript, Python, Node JS, PHP, Ruby) languages. The front-end is the part that is visible to users while the back-end is the invisible part. The latter’s role is to boost the front end

This expert is responsible for developing a whole range of technical features of a website or an application. It offers tailor-made solutions or adapts existing solutions. It is therefore an autonomous expert who is central to web constructions.

The web designer

This job is a cross between computer science and graphic design and essentially revolves around creating websites. The web designer takes care of the design of thegraphical aspect of a website : animations, illustrations, typography…

For this purpose, it defines the location of the images, the font size, the colors, etc. It also creates icons to facilitate reading and navigating the site.

web designer digital profession

Depending on the situation, he can also draw up a graphic charter. In order to attract the attention of visitors, it is important for the web designer to know the rules in the field of ergonomics. At the same time, he will have to master software such as Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Image Reda.

CRM advisor

The CRM consultant is an expert responsible for advising companies on the implementation and follow-up of customer relationship centers† Since the CRM agents are already there, his role will be to assist them so that they can define their needs first. He will then make a selection of suitable software before giving training on its use.

In addition, he draws up the specifications and coordinates training plans and follow-up actions. He also issues tenders to suppliers and analyzes the results achieved with a view to optimization.

The digital professions are constantly changing, accompanied by strong demand at the enterprise level. They are also distinguished by attractive salaries based on experience. However, it is mandatory to follow a special training to practice one.

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