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Young people crowd the aisles of a store, what’s special? If it’s just the point of sale, it’s in their campus colors, CFA Codis. Among the various products sold are water bottles, bentos, sportswear, backpacks, laptop bags… All bearing the name of their school specializing in trade, marketing, distribution and services. Welcome to this application store that opened on March 30 in Paris. †A shop designed by the students and run by themunderlines Caroline Costa-Savelli, director of the CFA CODIS Groupe IGS. lThe Bac+ 3s represented the brand, the BTS selected the products, the Bac Pro fixed the price… Our students even haveclick and collect set A true place of educational immersion, this shop is available to trainers and working students.We claim to be an alternative school, with a trpedagogical to develop, in addition to skills, relational and emotional intelligence“, she continues. On the program, video workshop, theater classes, sports sessions, sophrology, Koh-Lanta version remains … The trainers have more of a coaching mission than teachers, the students work in project mode, in short, the method is very far from academic trainings. The formula is increasingly successful: the class of 2021 had 980 young people, the class of 2022 reached 1,700.We will also add a new diploma at the beginning of the school year, that of an e-commerce and marketing license.”she announces. 100% committed to digital, to meet the needs of retailers, who are all committed to their digital transformation.

Apprenticeship training, breeding ground for young talent

Hiring directly operational candidates is more than ever a priority for brands. In their sights: training that combines theoretical lessons at school with missions in business. By welcoming 4,300 apprenticeships this year, E.Leclerc ranks among the top recruiters of apprenticeships, with +17% in one year. CAP, DUT, licence, Master… If the formula originally applied to short courses, it is now widely applied in higher education.

As evidenced by Gemo’s approach, who occasionally joins the BTS-MCO. †Within our brandWork study is an important breeding ground for future store managers, explains Nathalie Leclair, HRD Commerce Gémo. A majority of the students we welcome are preparing for a BTS MCO (80%). USAtherefore more thanabout twenty employees (regional director, directors) store management, HR, management control, etc. have mobilized to prepare the case studies that 22,000 students will work on to complete their degree at the end of‘yearThe idea behind the promotion of the employer brand is to concretely participate in the learning of the young people they may be able to recruit.

In this same vein, some retailers have even gone so far as to join forces with branches, such as Auchan Retail and Leroy Merlin, with Ieseg.

They have been partners since the launch, in 2018, of the Grande Ecole program – a master cycle for work and study “Retail Management & Business Development”, offered by the business school of Lille. Since then, two other brands of the Mulliez group have joined the ranks of partners, Decathlon and Kiabi. The sector seems good and virtuous…

The convergence of the retail world with that of the schools is even more visible at Neoma-BS, where Michel-Edouard Leclerc, President of the E.Leclerc Centers, recently renewed his mandate as President of the Business School for four years. †Through its ECAL program, the Neoma BS group has always advocated thecall large distribution. It is a reference training in retail management, which has existed for 60 years”reminds Bruno Godey, associate professor, the management of the bachelor’s degree in Service Management, in which this specialization is integrated. Another excellent training highly valued by retailers, the Master 2 in Distribution and Customer Relations at ParisDauphine – PSL.It’s been around for 30 years emphasizes Sarah Lasri, Dauphine teacher and program manager. Well established in the distribution landscape, this degree undergoes regular changes to meet the expectations of retailers. †This year we added an Education Unit (UE) dedicated to distributor social responsibility and next year we will integrate one dedicated to start-ups and entrepreneurship.“, she says. At the end of the training, 100% of the promotion has been hired.”Some are recruited post-master’s in the Graduate Carrefour or the Graduate Intermarché. This means that at the end of their training they will be integrated into the company and they will evolve in different professions before taking up a very specific position. The rapprochement between school and business is also visible in the study program itself. These can be long-term partnerships. “This year, we partnered with Picard to set up a connected commerce project over a seven-month period, she describes† It is a way for the brand to think about strategic issues for the brand and to get inspiration from young talents. Thatit can identify and recruit at the same time”.

“I made the school I wanted to do”

I am not excellent anywhere, but I cannot enter into a dialogue with anyone expert (marketing, accounting, digital, etc.). This is my way of managing my business and it is with this vision that I built the LDLC school, to train young people in entrepreneurship“explains Laurent de la Clergerie, CEO of the specialist in the distribution of computer and high-tech equipment. Accessible to holders of the Bac, the training leads to three years of general training on the effects of digital in the economy. Installed in the heart even from the company, the campus welcomes about thirty students per class, who shoulder LDLC employees on a daily basis.Nothing to do with a standard school: here learning goes through practice, role-playing in contact with professionals, all in a 100% digital environment The goal: to educate passionate and inspiring entrepreneurs, just like their mentor.

Key numbers

– 100,575 retail apprenticeship contracts signed in 2021

+ 49% over a year

+130 compared to 2019

In 2021, the food trade will be in first place in signed contracts (39%),

Source: Opcommerce

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