How to work in a nursery?

Do you enjoy working with children and want to know how to work in a nursery? L’Etudiant highlights the education, occupations and salaries to work in a collective childcare structure.

What are the different professions in a daycare center?

Multiple early childhood professionals work within a daycare† You have profiles of supervisors, health personnel and education personnel.

The director or the director of the nursery

The director or the director of the nursery manages all financial, administrative and team aspects of the childcare structure for children from 0 to 3 years. administrator and administrator, the director of the nursery must ensure that everything is organized for the well-being of the children being cared for and the staff accompanying them. Maintenance of the premises, lunch service, nap area, toys and play structures in good condition… so many contracts and orders to manage all year round.

Accounting and administrative assistant

Depending on the size of the daycarea assistant accountant and administrative staff are recruited to nursery management in the management of employment contracts, payment of wages and orders, etc.

The Kindergarten Teacher (EJE)

The Kindergarten Teacher (EJE) contributes to the awakening of every child and to their development. The Educator of Early Childhood sets up activities and games according to the age of the child and provides a comforting environment conducive to other learning: social life, autonomy, motor skills, etc.

The nanny

The nanny contributes to the socialization of children and their well-being by guiding them throughout the day through daycare† She changes diapers, watches over the kids during naps, feeds them, gives workshops, etc.

The nursery employee

The nursery employee welcomes children and helps with all activities organized in the daycare such as the preparation of workshop equipment, the maintenance of the different living areas, the gestures of everyday life (putting on a coat, changing diapers, serving meals, etc.).

The certified nanny

The certified nanny works in nurseries† She welcomes one to three children into her home and must have at least half a day in a crèche with the children† The specificity of the approval makes it paid by the nursery and not by the families as with childminders who work independently.

The nanny

The nanny leads a team of assistants childcare and daycare staff† She sets up the educational project of the structure and participates in activities with her team. Thanks to training to become a nurse or midwifeAnd his diploma childcare She pays special attention to children’s healthand can perform first aid actions.

The psychomotor therapist

The psychomotor therapist shoulder The daycare through his advanced knowledge in psychomotor skills. It offers activities aimed at the appropriation of his body by the childidentifies possible disorders, or works on the coordination of movements, etc. In the case of delayed motor or psychomotor acquisition, the psychomotor draws up individual guidance in consultation with the team and the parents.

the pediatrician

the pediatrician specializes in pediatrics† In order to comply with the Law (Public Health Act) “Institutions and services with a capacity of more than ten places shall ensure the regular assistance of a doctor specialized or qualified in pediatrics or, failing that, a general practitioner with special needs. experience in pediatrics, referred to as the resident or duty physician”. the pediatrician ensures compliance with health and hygiene standards. It also provides a medical follow-up of children in crèches in addition to the role of attending physician or PMI physician.

Many professionals working in the nurseries start at minimum wage: the crèche agent, the childminder, the recognized childminderThe educator of young children, the psychomotor therapist or the childcare provider starts around 2,000 euros gross per month Calculate around 2,500 euros gross per month for a position of nursery managementThe average salary published on Apec listings for PMI physician positions is $79,100 gross per year, or nearly $6,600 per month.

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What qualifications to work in a nursery?

  • It’s possible to start a career in childcare with a level CAP† the CAP AEPE, educational support for young children (formerly CAP Early Childhood) is the degree required to become nanny
  • the state diploma of childcare provider prepare a year, in specialized schools. It is recognized at the baccalaureate level. Selection takes place on the basis of application and interview. If you the professional baccalaureate ASSP, Guidance, care and service to the person or bac pro SAPAT, Services to people and areasyou can benefit from training exemptions and a specific selection procedure.
  • the DEEJE, state diploma of early childhood educator prepare three years after graduation† The selection is made in the file through the post-baccalaureate device trail up† This training is open to baccalaureate holders or equivalent, but also for holders of the state diploma of childcare providerfrom Educational support of the CAP for young childrenfrom State diploma in medical-psychological assistance or State Diploma of Social Life Assistantwho can justify 3 years of early childhood professional experience
  • the state diploma in childcare is accessible to nurses and to midwivesfrom the last year of their studies, subject to obtaining the THE nurse or midwife† It is recognized from baccalaureate level + 4.
  • the state diploma in psychomotrician. According to the training institutes, access to the training in the file is via trail upor after a first year University studies (PASS, L.AS, L1 STAPS, L1 Sciences). Some institutes also organize admission tests.
  • around the . to take daycare managementit is necessary to at least justify 3 years of experience as a youth professional with one of the diplomas Next: State Diploma of Nurse Practitioner, State Diploma of Nursing, State Diploma of Psychomotrician or Diploma of Doctor of Medicine.

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What qualities and skills to work in a nursery?

In the positions in direct relationship with childrenpatience and availability are two skills that must be implemented on a daily basis when it comes to: working with children† Learning requires repetition, many attempts to become a habit. Each early childhood professional should also show empathy and support each child at their own pace.

Observing and analyzing also make it possible nursery professionals to detect an anxiety, a lack of appetite or sleep, a difficulty in learning. It is then necessary to discuss it in a team meeting to make the right decisions and to help each child as best as possible.

Working in a daycare centerIt also means knowing how to talk to the parents, sharing the most important moments of the day with them, reassuring them about the siesta, the meal, the behaviour. This requires fluent listening and speaking.

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