Hashdex Leads Crypto-Tracking Index ETP Fundraising In The

The company’s exchange-traded products that replicate crypto asset indices have raised more than US$117 million to date

Hashdex’s HASH11 offering currently has the second largest shareholder base of any ETF on the B3

Zurich / New York / Rio de JaneiroJuly 13, 2022 – Hashdex, a leading global crypto-focused asset manager, today announced that its crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs) that track crypto multi-asset indices have raised US$117.9 million to global investors in the first half of 2022. This figure is higher than all of Hashdex’s competitors. combined when comparing fundraising for multi-asset crypto ETPs, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The full Hashdex report and methodology is available here

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Hashdex currently offers six ETFs on the Brazilian stock exchange (B3) that track cryptocurrency indices, including HASH11, which replicates the Nasdaq Crypto Index™ (NCI™), an index co-developed by Hashdex to make the cryptocurrency market cryptographically investable to make. The product has already established itself as the second largest ETF to date at B3 by number of investors across all asset classes, with more than 150,000 investors, and has raised more than $80 million in the first half of 2022.

“We are delighted with the confidence that investors place in our products. This result reveals the effort of our work to provide investors around the world with the best investment strategies for the crypto asset market through secure and regulated vehicles across multiple segments of the crypto ecosystem,” said Samir. Kerbage, director of products and technology at Hashdex. “Despite the current market challenges, we continue to see an increase in interest and investment in our products from existing and new investors, confirming our belief that crypto assets are here to stay and that investors are taking advantage of this market slowdown to position themselves. long-term.

Today’s announcement builds on Hashdex’s continued international expansion through both innovative product launches and groundbreaking talent. The company recently launched its first European product, the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP, on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the symbol SIX: HASH SW. ETP tracks the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe™ (NCIE™), an index designed to measure the performance of the global digital asset market while meeting ETP listing standards on specific European exchanges. The NCIE™ is specifically designed to be dynamic in nature, broadly representative of the market and easily traceable for European institutional investors. Hashdex’s presence in Europe is overseen by Laurent Kssis, General Manager and Head of Europe, and Benjamin Ittah, European Head of Sales and Distribution, who joined the company this year, as well as Dramane Meite, Product Manager for New Markets.

The company continues to fulfill its mission of empowering global investors with access to the evolving crypto ecosystem, with the launch of DEFI11, the world’s first decentralized financial ETF, WEB11, the first pure Web 3.0 ETF and META11 ETF, providing investors with diversified exposure of leading crypto assets in the blockchain culture and entertainment industry.

About Hashdex

Hashdex is a global pioneer in crypto asset management. Hashdex’s simple and secure financial products invite innovative investors to join the emerging crypto economy. Hashdex’s mission is to provide first-class educational resources and products that further its efforts to create pathways to prosperity by opening up the crypto ecosystem to the world. The company partnered with Nasdaq to develop the Nasdaq Crypto Index™ (NCI™) to provide global investors with a reliable benchmark for the crypto asset class. In 2021, Hashdex launched the world’s first crypto ETFs and other innovative products, enabling more than 260,000 investors to easily and securely add cryptocurrencies to their portfolios. For more information visit www.hashdex.com or follow Hashdex Twitter we LinkedIn


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