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Green public school playgrounds in Lille

Since the summer of 2021, all 79 public schools in Lille now have green courses. Many trees, shrubs and perennials have been planted and students can now take advantage of new green spaces in the heart of the schools and the installation of other child-level facilities and equipment, including educational gardens, composters, water points and collectors, sustainable outdoor furniture and games, bird houses, insect hotels, bat boxes. So many elements that strengthen children’s contact with nature and life, promote learning about biodiversity and help children to concentrate better, to participate better in their learning.

The balance achieved makes it possible to maintain the activities usually organized outside during breaks and as part of the extracurricular time, while creating exemplary places in terms of sustainable development for each student, for the educational community, by promoting the outdoor classroom.

This revegetation program has been designed with the children and the educational community thanks to the support, since 2018, of the association Récréations Urbaines which, within the framework of participatory workshops, leads the reflection on schoolyards at the peak of ‘child, thoughts according to their new applications. Vegetation is an integral part of the yard, educational activities and children’s games.

Roughen the floors to promote islands of freshness

For the second consecutive year, the municipality is further strengthening this approach by now setting the new requirement for schoolyards that are 100% depreciatedthe total surface of which is permeable, which favors the infiltration of rainwater and islands of coolness.

After 3 first schools in 2021 – Sophie Germain, Chateaubriand and Madame de Maintenon – the city of Lille will continue its work this summer to fresher school lessons by investing in 3 new schools for a total amount of 1.2 million euros : the Desbordes-Valmore, Descartes-Montesquieu schools, the Brasseur school (on the Lakanal site). The Jean Jaurès school in Hellemmes will also be the subject of revegetation and waterproofing works. The vegetation in Lomme is also starting to take shape. Indeed, since 2021, the courtyard of the Paul-Langevin kindergarten has been planted and this program is being generalized to all public school playgrounds. This year, work is planned at the Salengro and Defrenne schools.

The city of Lille is also experimenting this summer with the greening of the courtyards of municipal nurseries. On July 4, work began in the courtyard of the Marie Curie crèche and the family crèche. This new phase makes it possible to create a privileged space for education through nature by facilitating all kinds of explorations (gross motor skills, sensory discoveries).

Extensive energy renovation for more efficient schools

The total energy and environmental renovation program for municipal buildings in Lille Hellemmes en Lomme has a global budget of approx. €70 million allocated to around fifty priority equipment† It has already distinguished itself with the renovations of the Launay-Kergomard school group and the Fabrique du Sud, as well as the renovations that will come in 2023 for the André and Ampère schools, the Montessori school group, the Antoine Brasseur school, the Georges School Sand and the sports hall of Lestiboudois.

As Audrey Linkenheld reminds us, “Accelerating the ecological transition by stepping up the concrete actions that reject municipal commitments in schools, as in any municipal policy, that is Lille’s ambition for a low-carbon, resilient and united city, which leaves no one behind.”

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