Consolidation of schools in Mayenne: mobilizing parents

The municipality plans to combine the Jacques Prévert school with the Pierre and Marie Curie school. The parents oppose it and prefer a regrouping on Louise Michel’s site. (©CDLM)

“We are not against” school closures but against method and decision. With the increase in energy costs, we understand the necessary reflection of the town hall on school buildings. However, we do not understand the budgetary choices and the lack of support for mobility solutions. The announcement was brutal,” lamented the representatives of school parents Louise MichelCharles Perrault and Jacques Prevert from Mayenne

Indeed, they regret that the elected officials in charge of the dossier are only presenting a hypothesis to their counterparts in the city council Thursday 23 June 2022

The steering committee has proposed several hypotheses. One was praised by the parents: bringing together the Louise Michel and Jacques Prévert schools on Louise Michel, and bringing together Charles Perrault and the Angellerie in a new city center location closer to Jules-Ferry to solve the problem of double deposit for eliminate parents.

Cyrielle MoussayParent Representative of Charles Perrault Kindergarten

The decline in demographics, which primarily justifies these community closures, cannot explain everything for these parents. “Between 1994 and 2021, public preschools lost 285 students, or 53% of their workforce. At the same time, private kindergartens lost only 7%, or 15 pupils. The explanation would be elsewhere. “The sectorization of 2016 has done a lot of damage to public schools. As of 2017, there have been declines in the three schools: Jacques Prévert went from 75 pupils in 2016 to 36 in 2021/2022, Louise Michel from 117 to 90 and Charles Perrault from 88 to 37 today. Nobody had experienced such a decline before”, emphasizes Aurélie Feryn of Jacques Prévert.

Public schools only in neighborhoods

The parents decided to take action and started a petition.

In one day we collected more than a hundred signatures.

The final decision will be made this Thursday, June 23, by the elected officials of the Mayenne city council. “But we have already received an email dated June 15 with the hypothesis that will be presented to the city council along with a timetable. “The Charles Perrault Kindergarten would thus be the first to leave the General Leclerc bd site in September 2023. “The town hall doesn’t talk to us about mobility at all. However, children only come on foot, some families have no vehicles… Each family has its own organization that will have to be revised. †

To be submitted to the city council for a vote on Thursday

The municipality plans to combine the Jacques Prévert kindergarten and the Pierre and Marie Curie kindergarten in September 2025 on the Pierre and Marie Curie site in the Pommier district. The primary school Louise Michel will also join Pierre and Marie Curie in September 2026. on the east side, the Charles Perrault school should join the Angellerie school from the start of the 2023 school year. “Once validated, these groupings will be spread out to allow the renovation and enlargement of the selected sites. In particular, we have to deal with problems associated with radon.” A temporary transfer, between September 2023 and September 2025, of the children of Pierre and Marie Curie would therefore be made to Jacques Prévert.
Thursday, June 23, 2022, the city council must make a decision.

And what the representatives of these parents fear is that public schools “maintained only in the suburbs” will be abandoned in favor of private schools that remain in the city center.

We fear that the number of children who then go to school and then Jules Ferry college will dwindle. There will be a snowball effect.

The mayor of Mayenne assures him “not to be afraid of the competition. On the contrary. †

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On Wednesday 22 June there was a meeting between parent representatives and the mayor.

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