Paris Saint-Germain: NFT tickets based on Ethereum (ETH), the future of VIP ticketing?

It was recently announced that VIP tickets to see the Pristina football team Paris Saint Germain in their next matches in Japan will come in the form of NFTs, some worth up to 180,365 ETH.

After the explosion of NFTs last summer, caused by collections like Bored Ape and Crypto Punks, NFTs have evolved into much more than just jpeg images representing a place on a blockchain. As this announcement from Paris Saint-Germain shows, this development has gone mainstream, making NFT more lucrative than ever.

But what are tickets? Paris Saint Germain NFT † And how are NFTs produced by projects like Big Eyes (BIG) and Binance (BNB) that show the new direction NFTs are taking?

Paris Saint-Germain NFT Tickets

It’s no surprise that VIP tickets to major sporting events are expensive, especially for a Ligue 1 team like Paris Saint Germain

at 180,365 Ethereum (ETH), for ¥30,000,000 NFT tickets were recently released for the team’s Japan tour.

There are nine VIP tickets Paris NFTs Saint-Germains in all, with three available for each of the three days of the Japan tour. NFT holders have access to the exclusive team party, where the team takes pictures, signs autographs and celebrates with the holders. The ticket also allows holders to bring multiple friends into the VIP area to watch the day’s match.

This, among other benefits, makes the value almost £175,000 in Ethereum (ETH) per NFT, a value some fans are willing to pay because of the unique experience these NFTs provide. Being slapped on the blockchain also makes this experience permanent as the owner of the NFT cannot be easily twisted or changed due to blockchain technology.

NFTs can be found on the club’s website and can be purchased on the hosted platform by Ethereum (ETH)

Big Eyes (BIG) NFT Sushi Crew

In the same vein as the Paris Saint Germain NFTmany other tokens and projects are moving towards using NFTs as digital access to events, formalized and permanent through blockchain technology.

However, while those issued by Paris Saint-Germain are designed for a specific event, the NFTs of the following design are Big Eyes (BIG) have a much broader purpose. These NFTs serve as entry tickets to a whole range of activities and personal events planned by the project, exemplified by their NFT sushi team.

Owners of these sushi NFTs, which Big Eyes (BIG) plans to release seasonally, will be invited to exclusive events such as trips to sushi restaurants, where the community can formally meet and discuss their collective interests. As a community meme token, these events have the potential to be extremely successful, with the hype that builds around these events trickling down to the growth and development of the economy.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a token modeled after an anime-style cat, with the mascot, according to the company, being the coder and designer of the token and the platform itself. As such, the cat’s presence can be seen throughout the platform, from his distaste for dogs and dog-based meme pieces to his love of sushi.

This emphasis on community, with a character designed to be marketable and recognizable, is allowed Big Eyes (BIG) and their NFT Sushi Crew events become a huge success.

This is not a launch to miss!

Binance (BNB) Primavera Commemorative NFTs

Portuguese music festival Primavera had its event in 2022 sponsored by the blockchain giant Binance (BNB), with events taking place throughout the festival to raise awareness and educate visitors about cryptocurrency.

One of the ways it did this was to make it available for free to all festival-goers, so that anyone who wants to redeem their money can win big prizes, such as tickets to next year’s festival.

People love commemorative keepsakes, and by making those keepsakes different, Binance (BNB) not only avoids creating excessive clutter, but creates an easy and understandable stepping stone for ordinary people to get involved in crypto.

These NFTs serve as proof that someone attended the festival, made permanent in the blockchain ledger Binance (BNB) † The result is a memory that should not be lost and a unique way to keep the festival and Binance (BNB) in the minds of festival goers.

This is a simple, yet effective use of an NFT, and one that is likely to be considered more often as crypto’s relevance to the mainstream grows.

Read this article to learn more about Big Eyes (BIG) and what it does differently from other meme pieces.

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