Making money in the metaverse: how do you do that?

You’ve probably heard of the metaverse before, like it will change the way the internet works for everyone, or if singer Snoop Dogg has a place in it. Many investors are increasingly curious about how to make money using the metaverse.

The metaverse revolution is here. And the virtual gold rush has already started. This new digital frontier is even attracting a lot of attention. So big tech names and average users want to be the first to grab the endless opportunities that come with it. From accepting virtual work to creating new forms of art and entertainment, there are many ways to generate and exchange value for real benefits through your experience in the metaverse. Here are some techniques for making money in the metaverse.

The creation of NFT to make money in the metaverse

Interest in NFTs (non-fungible digital tokens) has exploded since 2021. Beepl’s $69 Million NFT Auctionmade headlines. The same goes for the project. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) by Yuga Labswhich was hugely successful.

In the metaverse it is possible to turn your creations into NFTs and sell them on open marketplaces† There are many tutorials online on how to create an NFT. Remember that this token is a digital proof of ownership and authenticity of a particular element, virtual or not.

There are also other options, such as: open an NFT art gallery and sell someone else’s work in exchange for a share of the profits. Become an art brokerto advise metaverse clients on how best to navigate this new NFT world, you have many options.

Make money in the metaverse through virtual real estate

In recent times, virtual real estate has exploded. The digital landrush has intensified. And she has suddenly seen in metaverses sold for exorbitant sums. Platforms Decentraland, Axie Infinity and The Sandbox especially arouse the interest of many. There are clearly a number of opportunities ready to be seized:

The turnaround in real estate

It involves buying virtual plots of land or digital properties and resell at a higher pricepocket the difference.

Real estate rental

Real estate rental

Just like in real life, you can buy land, build a house or other type of real estate and then rent it out. You can also use your property for advertising purposesespecially if your properties are in high traffic areas.

Property management

Another way to make money in metaverse real estate is to: become a manager of other users’ properties

real estate design

Coming up with metaverse buildings can be a very lucrative venture. It can be a private property, a shopping center or a stadium. In any case, the profession specialized 3D designers will be soon one of the most in-demand jobs in virtual worlds

Make money in the metaverse through ads

Many companies are turning to the metaverse to establish their virtual presence and use it as important advertising platform† Just like being able to mark in the real world open stores in virtual malls and advertise products and services on a number of virtual platforms. As more and more users join the metaverse, we can expect it to become a huge marketing and advertising platform

Make money in the metaverse by creating a digital clothing line

One of the first uses of the metaverse was fashionable. Top fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Gucci are already experimenting with virtual clothes in the form of NFT collections† Gaming has also been another successful avenue for brand collaborations with initiatives such as Burberry x Blankos Block Party and Valentino x Animal Crossing.

create a digital clothing line

But just about anyone can create a digital clothing line and generate revenue in the metaverse† Even if you are not a fashion design professional, you may like it make different creations for your own avatars and help your friends customize theirs.

Promotion and organization of events

Entertainment will play a vital role in metaverses such as Sensorium Galaxywhere superstar concerts are given. Warner music has already partnered with metaverse platform The Sandbox to create a virtual concert hall.

Parties, concerts and sporting events are sure to attract thousands (if not millions) of fans. It is sure that promoters and hosts need make virtual worlds deliver stunning events† Promoting and organizing these types of events is therefore an excellent way to make money in the metaverse.

Guidance initiatives in the metaverse

Guidance initiatives

With the pandemic forcing schools to close, millions of students around the world must take online courses. The potential of virtual teaching has thus become clear. As it evolves, the metaverse will become an increasingly immersive space through which courses can be even more personal and highly interactive† In this way, tutoring and education initiatives will certainly get off the ground.

Entrepreneurship in the digital world

The Metaverse is the ideal terrain for entrepreneurs. Users can open stores there and starting their business easier than in the real world† Whether it’s fashion, sports collections, real estate or entertainment, the possibilities are endless.

Earn money in the metaverse by playing

Currently, gaming is the primary activity in metaverse-type environments such as: Roblox and Fortnite† You have the opportunity to play games based on the blockchain. Investing in metaverse activities is also another technique.

Users can collect and trade in-game assets in exchange for tokens that can have real value. This is the case with play-to-earn games. Games like VR poker, esports betting and others allow users to earn money by playing online games.

games to earn money

It exists entire companies dedicated to this category, such as Admix, a startup that just raised $25 million to generate in-game revenue in the metaverse. Platforms like block topia will have entire divisions dedicated to play-to-earn games.

Virtual work to make money in the metaverse

To build the metaverse and make it work, there will be a lot of demand for virtual workers† Regardless of the area, you can offer your serviceseither for companies such as meta Where Microsoftor as a freelancer. 3D artists, virtual reality architects, community managers, developers, programmers, graphic and fashion designers, recruiters and metaverse content creators are just some of the professions in the metaverse.

Test metaverse products

Over time, more and more products will appear in the metaverse. This will necessarily lead the need for users to test and provide feedback† With such a wide range of industries and companies ready to enter the virtual universe, the possibilities for experimenting with digital assets are limitless.

travel and tourism

travel and tourism in the metaverse

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to virtual reality tours for an essential escape† In this way, historical locations and events in the physical world can eventually be recreated in virtual worlds† This will lead to a number of jobs in the metaverse tourism sectorsuch as tourist guides and travel agencies.

Create VR games and earn money

Like 3D props, you could design and publish end-to-end games in VR. That does not necessarily require advanced technical skills† You can combine basic storytelling skills with: VR design platforms like Horizon Worlds to monetize this resource.

Investing in the metaverse industry

It exists thousands of investments you can make which will tie in directly with the success or failure of the metaverse. Also keep in mind that your average monthly income depends on the size of the investment

Create tutorials for beginners


If there’s one thing YouTube has always offered, it’s tutorials. Offering tutorials for beginners means providing information for anyone who doesn’t understand the metaverse† You give instructions on how to navigate this virtual world, and maybe even advice on how to make money from it. Of course you have to give correct information what they can count on. It is therefore also an excellent opportunity to think about it.

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