GameStop launches a public beta of its NFT platform

The famous video game distributor GameStop has opened access to its NFT platform in a public beta. Launched on Loopring (LRC), a layer 2 of Ethereum, this marketplace thus makes it possible to offer discounted rates.

GameStop opens its NFT marketplace

Already announced several months ago, the non-fungible token platform (NFT) from the video game distributor GameStop is now available. It is currently a beta version that is posted online and has the advantage of being public.

While anyone is free to make purchases on the platform, the number of creators is currently limited. In fact it takes apply on the GameStop NFT site in hopes of being able to distribute his creations there.

Regulars of platforms like OpenSea won’t be disappointed through the presentation of the market. The application supports MetaMask, Wallet Connect, but also the GameStop native wallet, launched earlier this year. At the time of writing, the platform already contains 244 different collections and more than 53,500 NFTs.

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The competitiveness of a layer 2

There have been questions for a while, about the network on which GameStop would deploy its NTF marketplace. Indeed, the Immutable X solution and the ZK Rollup of Loopring (LRC) were both mentioned. In this case, the platform will be launched on Loopringan overlay of Ethereum (ETH) that allows very low cost.

To feed his wallet, two solutions present themselves. Use a bridge of the Ethereum mainnet or buy ETH with a credit card through Ramp of Wyre. For the first solution, GameStop allows you to bridge your money directly with built-in functionality when plugging in his wallet.

In a second step, the platform will also see NFTs built on Immutable X enrich its offering. This implies by extension GameFi Projects like Illuvium or Gods Unchained for example.

While competition between NFT platforms is fierce, GameStop will have to scramble to find its place. The layer 2 solution is attractive, but it won’t be enough to compete with established benchmarks like OpenSea. The added value of the platform may then continue his expertise in video gamesthe latter are indeed taking up more and more space in our ecosystem.

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Source: GameStop NTF Platform


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