EcoRéseau Business – Quickly understood on July 11th

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T’choupi, the youth mascot comes in NFTsThierry Courtin, creator of T’choupi, has just put 2,022 digital illustrations up for sale on the Kalart platform. These NFTs depicting the youth icon from the 1990s will sell for between 250 and 100 euros each. An initiative that caused misunderstandings on the networks. “The generation that knew T’choupi when it was made is now over thirty years old. We are targeting those who have grown up with it, rather than children,” said Stanislas Mako, Kalart CEO. But the author wanted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his character, created in 1992. He even offers a surprise to the fans of the first hour: in addition to the NFTs, the buyers have the opportunity to see a physical reproduction of an original creation. A “little” pleasure that has a price: 1,000 euros for these works framed and signed by the author! If the NFT sale works, Thierry Courtin plans to celebrate T’choupi’s birthday in the metaverse. We will have seen it all…

Teleworking: new condition for employees?Teleworking: new condition for employees? † It’s official: 34% of French workers with a non-” telecommuting plan to quit within the next six months! In any case, this is apparent from a survey by the company BSG, the figure even rises to 37% if we include not only the French, but all the employees surveyed in seven countries. According to the authors of the report, the distribution/consumption (41%) and industrial production (36%) sectors are the most affected by this new phenomenon of “Great Resignation”. A situation that would affect young people more: 18-24 year olds are twice as likely to quit their job as 58-65 year olds!

Theranos: Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani convicted of fraud • “Sunny” no longer shines. The former director of operations of the to start Theranos has just been convicted of fraud. Balwani pleaded not guilty to all charges, but the San Jose court found him guilty of defrauding the company’s investors and patients. On November 15, he is fixated on his fate. For now, the former director of the to start Deposed remains free on bail, which amounts to $750,000. Elizabeth Holmes, chairman and founder of the group, was tried in January for fraud. His sentence is expected to be handed down on September 26. Reminder: the to start founded in 2003 had collapsed after the revelations of the Wall Street Journal who pointed to the serious failures of his technology. The Silicon Valley shock duo were originally going to be tried together before the two cases were separated. During her trial, Elizabeth Holmes accused her former partner of sexual abuse.

Top Chef’s bistro, the concept is a recipe! Full box for M6! The channel’s culinary show has just opened its very first bar/restaurant with recipes from former candidates on the menu. The first Bistrot Top Chef opens its doors in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine) in one of the restaurants of the Les Bistrots Pas Parisiens group, led by Stéphane Rotenberg, host of the show. The brand, which opens on July 8, will feature recipes concocted by last season’s finalists and former finalists turned star chefs such as Thibault Sombardier and Victor Mercier. Elements of the film set will also be present in the decor. Something to make the fans happy! The television channel is putting the dishes in the big picture: certain moments of the program will be restored, in particular the famous test of the black box, which consists in conducting tastings with your eyes closed. The target ? Offer fans augmented reality experiences. I took a gamble, a few days before the opening the restaurant was already full.

EVA video game arenas raise €5 million • EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas), to start in virtual reality e-sports, announced on Thursday, July 7 that it had raised €5 million in seed to accelerate its expansion. The company proposes to play in an empty space of 500 m² a shooting game like airsoft, but in virtual reality, in a multitude of scenarios (futuristic, in the snow, etc.). Its strong point is real movement, without using a joystick or keyboard. So the player is not sedentary, a criticism often expressed in video games. The company is present in 15 cities in France, already has 45 movie theaters under construction and a partnership in the United States with a first movie theater in Texas in September. One of his goals is to reach 100 theaters for all of France by 2024, and to develop his attractiveness to present at the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

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