Ternoa and Cross the Ages, the new era of utilitarian NFT?

New York, June 21, 2022 – We recently mentioned in our pages the launch of the Ternoa mainnet and the technological advancements from which it stems. An event that will allow the French protocol to move beyond its status as a simple player in the NFT sphere to establish itself as a full-fledged blockchain network. At NFT.NYC 2022, CEO Mickael Canu revealed the strengthening of partnerships that could project an already thriving ecosystem into a new dimension. As the phenomenon of utilitarian NFTs makes new emulators every day, the 2022 winner of the best Gamefi project at the AIBC, Through the ageswent all in for Ternoa aiming to create a Web3 gaming experience of unprecedented depth.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Ternoa.

Ternoa, the transformation from an NFT giant to a revolutionary protocol

Since their thunderous arrival in the blockchain universe, NFTs are no longer the simple artistic avatars of their beginnings, but constituent elements of the Web3 revolution. Used for metaverse experiences, games, but now also DeFi, “non-fungible tokens” are a vital pillar of the blockchain industry today.

The Ternoa team experience this evolution from within. Better yet, it was one of the recognized pioneers of the “non-fungible” format in the global landscape. While the general public raved about pixelated cyberpunks and cats putting the Ethereum network in PLS, the French project worked on the future of NFTs in an ultimate versionboth for utility and safety.

A path that leads them today to the beginning of another important turning point in their history. From evolutions to innovations Ternoa makes its Open Source infrastructure open to everyone grown into a full-fledged Layer 1 network† A scalable and natively optimized protocol for creating Useful NFTs, with negligible CO2 impact and costs. But above all, an independent and interoperable network, supported by a strong community of developers, and an ecosystem in full expansion since the support for their solution has grown.

Ternoa utility NFTs have led to a true layer 1 with rich and disruptive specificities

Award-winning game Cross the Ages chooses Ternoa

Cross The Ages is one of the gaming sensations of recent months. A French free-to-play project based on NFT collectible cards. And today it’s official, it’s completely built on Ternoa blockchain technology

“We chose to build on Ternoa because it is the technology Cross The Ages needs to realize the long-term vision and create the gaming experience of the future. †

Sami Chlagou, CEO of Cross The Ages.

In reality, CTA wants to be more than just an NFT card game† The result is a completely immersive experience, combining a dystopian and rich universe in constant evolution, a metaverse component, a totally addictive game mechanics and of course a marketplace and collection component inherited from the genre’s greatest hits, “Magic!” and “Pokemon” in the lead role.

“Cross the Ages has ambition and that’s why Ternoa came into their universe. We will build great features that are future proof and focused on user experience. †

Mickael Canu, co-founder and CEO of Ternoa.

The Cross the Ages team is made up of many star writers and designers from the NFT and gaming ecosystem who will benefit from Ternoa technology.
Cross the Ages is hitting the gaming and NFT scene with its retro-futuristic visuals

Cross the Ages and Ternoa, a technological and imaginative osmosis

For CTA, the decision to use Ternoa’s blockchain infrastructure was taken according to three main points:

  • grant beneficial ownership to holders The NFT: The decentralization and encryption of content ensures that only the owner of an NFT can access it.
  • Interoperability and scalability: thanks to a protocol that can be natively integrated into the polkadot ecosystem, the creation of bridges. And a JS.SDK (developer toolkit) to facilitate and scale NFT creation
  • Data lifetime: Long-term decentralized data storage guarantees the immutability of NFTs over time.

“Incorporating the native features of Ternoa NFTs built on Substrate will provide greater flexibility in the evolution of the game. It also leverages the Exclusive Ternoa like the time capsule and upgradeable NFT, which are essential features of our games. Finally, having a ready-to-deploy marketplace that is private preserves the security of our users. †

Quentin Giraud, Chief Gaming Officer of Cross The Ages

Cross the Ages was already part of the projects supporting the French champion. But with the great technological developments of recent times, the global solution from Ternoa seemed obvious to take on all the blockchain implications, more than just the NFT aspect. By doing so, it will become the first game on the market to harness the power of next-gen utility NFTs. Other ambitious projects have followed the same approach since the famous Babolex collection formalized its desire to enjoy the same benefits. And that’s just the beginning, no doubt.

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