Business schools: at the ICN, students take good care of preparatory candidates

In business schools, the ritual of oral admission will be fully resumed in 2022. This is the time of the famous “tour de France”. A grueling marathon, taking them from one end of the country to the other. To guide, support and entertain them, schools mobilize battalions of students. Report to the ICN.

At Nancy station, this Friday July 1st impossible to miss them† In the center of the room, some ICN admission students in orange outfits welcome the candidates at every stage of their oral day. And it all started before the candidates arrived.

Business school sophomores organized like the pros

After the eligibility results, the 50 admitting students contact applicants† Some bonds are forged naturally: a business school student gets closer to those who qualify for the same preparatory training as him.

The organization that has been set up is perfect. Shootings are divided into four families, connected by discussion groups. Prior to the candidate’s arrival, the ‘host family’ gives tips for free accommodationfor example.

D-day, the staff team accompanies the candidate, in particular to the chambers where he is called for the oral hearings. And the animation team offers… animations, this year with the theme “Alice in Wonderland”.

In support, the communication family publishes news and stories on TikTok and Instagram. “We have a Facebook group dedicated to 2022 eligible candidates”, explains Alexandra, the “head of the family”. Faced with her very dense publishing schedule, she explains, “we’ve also published posts showcasing the entrants and their backgrounds.”

The goal is that candidates can apply for the admissions they feel closest toeither by the geographical origin of the preparation, the association of which they are members or the specialty they follow.

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Selected Admission Students

After being selected among other volunteers, the admissions committees have been preparing for these weeks of orals since March† Thanks to two two-hour training sessions, they are well informed about the training and possibilities of the school. The key for them, the validation of credits as part of their studies, as well as the reimbursement. But something else animates them.

Méline, admitted and member of the NDE (student bureau), testifies. “Last year we were able to take our oral exams, with an incredible reception. I wanted to give back what I had receivedAlso qualifies, Marie adds, “It’s like a tutor. The confession messaged us over the summer and added us to discussion groups about sports, outings…”

For Adrien, it’s about catching up. †I was admitted in 2020, when the orals were cancelled† By participating in trade shows where I represented the ICN, I realized that I enjoyed sharing and discussing with candidates.”

And everyone helps each other. “Everyone has a specific position and a well-organized schedule, but if another family needs a hand, we go!” explains Nicolas, the admissions officer in charge of animation.

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A la carte welcome at the ICN

To focus for the oral, suitable candidates can go to the CV room. “It is above all a quiet place, to advise them. We inform them about personality preservation and especially about the card game“, Marie develops.

“It’s a game with different designs: shoes, glasses, characters… The candidate draws a few and the jury asks him a random question, to test his creativity. It seems stressful beforehand, but after that the candidates say always it’s the funniest time!”

In other areas you can find a place to your liking. Zen space you can relax while other rooms invite you to relax thanks to video games or so manual workshops† On the terrace, a virtual reality game built on the universe of Alice in Wonderland retains, for a few moments, Fatou and Kaddour, two admissions.

Presentation of the business school and rugby tackle

The presentation of the school is between serious and relaxed with mainly an animation with “a battle of associations”. // © Agnes Millet

At 13:15 it’s the traditional amphitheater stage† All candidates are invited to listen to the establishment’s presentation, led by the Director of the MSc Programmes.

Then comes the time of confession with “a battle of associations”“, which starts at top speed. Paul, representative of the sports bureau, tumbles head forward for a suitable tackle on Stan, the school mascot. The skit ends with a choreography, more or less mastered by about thirty admirers.

For those who already see themselves on the ICN, go to the video room, where a short film shows the Nancy of ICN students, as well as montages of the highlights of the year† Faced with the enthusiasm and explanation of two entrants, the two candidates are reluctant. Caution or disinterest, they shyly ask a few questions.

At the end of the afternoon, fans who want to taste the atmosphere of Nancy are invited to follow Gaëtan and his friend. The student from Nancy is happy to give them for half an hour discover Place Stanislas, explain the Christmas market to them and show them the student bars

Those who love ICN have enough to confirm their crush for the next three years… or think about their oral at a future school.

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