The kindergarten in Gommegnies is being built brick by brick thanks to the residents

It is a participatory site for the less original taking place this summer. The future kindergarten to be built on the site of the René-Jouglet School will be built with clay bricks. And it’s the locals who get their hands dirty.

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He arrived early this morning, the first, so to speak, to this site that has been occupying all of his attention for the past few days. Jean-Pierre Pichard lives in Gommegnies. He is 79 years old, retired and has free time. Volunteering and the sense of community, he knows, since he was president of the association UFC-Que Choisir for a long time. So when he heard through the press and then from the municipality, which launched an information campaign, that the town hall was looking for good souls for his future school, he naturally volunteered. † The children used to garden with their grandfather. Here is the earth. I love to touch the ground
smiles the seven-year-old.

As soon as this special project started, it replaced the current primary school René-Jouglet. He learned to mold mud bricks. Since this is the originality of this project, to build the future kindergarten, which will be an extension of the current one, using local materials, namely bricks, clay from the basement of the site. a clay”
“, as mayor Benoît Guiost noted in June after a study conducted upstream by a specialized company, Amaco. It was he who was part of a small team, which was responsible for initiating future volunteers. Another peculiarity of this site is the workforce, local, with children and residents… but also from much further afield. †
We have people from the Paris region
laughs Benoît Guiost, who knows that this project is interesting for architecture students.

1000 bricks already made

Inaugurated last Saturday by the Deputy Prefect, Corinne Simon, who had underlined the involvement of the residents and the environmentally responsible aspect, which we owe to the architect, also local because based in Grand-Fayt, Amélie Fontaine, At the origin of this initiative , this project will also involve teenagers, in particular young people from the Quesnoy handball club, who will stay in tents… on site. Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre Pichard continues his task with pleasure. And follow the instructions: ten buckets of earth, eight buckets of straw, two buckets of water
“. Like a recipe to be applied to the letter.” We trample everything to agglomerate the whole. It’s hard work. Then we put everything in molds. We let it dry. When the stone is standing, they are placed under a tent to dry. We make seven bricks an hour » laughs Jean-Pierre Pichard, not unhappy about laying his stone in the future building. To date, almost a thousand bricks have been made. We need 3500… by July 22, the date of the end of these workshops.

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