Nantes vineyard. Class closures: Geneston’s school relieved, Vieillevigne’s disappointed

The mobilization of parents will not have been in vain in Geneston… ©DR

When the battle has come together, the outcome is different. Tuesday 28 June 2022, the situation of schools in department of Loire-Atlantique was re-examined within the services of thenational education

the municipalities of Geneston and Vieillevigne (near Nantes) was waiting for the results of the negotiations with the labor unions impatient. Since last February, the two public schools fall under the threat of class closure next fall. Parents of pupils and municipalities subsequently mobilized themselves to have these decisions revised.

Marcel Pagnol holds his 8 lessons…

The good news for the Marcel Pagnol School in Geneston fell the same night. The class closure has been cancelled. “It’s a relief, especially since we learned the day before this famous CTSD (Special Departmental Technical Committee) that Geneston should not be part of the situations that had to be re-examined,” assures the mayor, Karine Paviza.

We had to contact the academic inspector again, explain our case again and give all our enrollment figures.

Speaking numbers that ultimately tipped the scales in the right direction. “When the decision was made in February, there were not enough applications to challenge the announced class closure. But things changed quickly. Just on May 23 we already had more registrations than the numbers for the current year (187 for 186) and a few more have been added since then’, the elected official notes.

For their part, the representatives of the parents of pupils, through Melody Guerchet-Arfini, expressed their satisfaction, although they were quite cautious:

We are relieved. The mobilization of the education team, the parents and the municipality has borne fruit. However, we remain vigilant with the 3rd time of the school map, which will take place at the end of August.

APE Vieillevigne
…But the one in Vieillevigne was not enough to influence the decision of the academic management. ©DR

…Paul-Emile Victor moves to 7

Coming September, the Marcel Pagnol School should therefore logically keep its 8 classes. Which will not be the case the Paul-Emile Victor School in Vieillevigne† She, who had 9 classes this year before losing an elementary school, will be at 7 at the start of the school year, this time with less kindergarten. The closing decision announced in February has been upheld.

The mobilization of the students’ parents, who multiplied the actions (banners, petitions, demonstrations…) and of the municipality, which held a deliberation on 9 June in local council to indicate their strong opposition to this decision have not changed anything. This makes the representatives of the parents of pupils say, through the voice of Bérangère Bellot Gautier:

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The disappointment is great. Especially for our children who are hostages of a system based on numbers and not on a benevolent and positive educational framework!

The school hoped to keep its class, even if the numbers are slightly lower, pending the start of the school year in September 2023, when the number of enrollments should logically increase with the planned construction in the city and thus the arrival of new ones. families.

“At the moment, the start of the new school year is planned with 178 students (56 in kindergarten and 122 in primary school), ie 4 students less than the previous start of the school year! The DASEN maintained its decision to close for the next school year, but it has proposed an opening in September 2023. We will not let go and remind of its proposal throughout the year,” conclude the parents of students of Vieillevigne.

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