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“Incorporating the metaverse shows you have the ability to innovate, it’s a message sent to your competitors,” Richard Malterre, of Landor & Fitch

We now use it in all our conversations, or almost. At the office, with family, with our friends… the metaverse – just like the other trends of the moment, NFT, variant, wokism, etc. – invites itself into our lives. A clever “mix between the Oasis of Ready Player One and the Jedi Council in Star Wars “, the professor of business strategy told Frédéric Fréry. Last year, the giant Facebook became Meta. Enough to alarm large companies: there is no way around the metaverse anymore. A great economic opportunity, a company long-term. Dear companies, please do not miss the car. On pain of being left behind by your competitors. Innovation does not wait.

A platform of platforms. Or the passage of the Internet in 3D. Difficult to reduce the metaverse to a simple definition. Still vague for the general public, the specialists themselves feel. The only consensus: companies need to explore this virtual universe. “I don’t know if we should go there this year or next year, if it will be too late after that, but companies have every interest in changing this state of mind of test and learnexplore, try, try […] Companies should be aware that they will be confronted with imperfections in the metaverse, this is normal as it is new, they should ask themselves fewer questions and get to work! “, defends Richard Malterre, head of games at Landor & Fitch.

Go there… and stay there!

the users lambda, like you and me, will explore the metavers. At least out of curiosity. But who says users, says consumers. Brands have understood this. And have decided to establish their presence. So – just like in real life – they take up space, physically, Gucci notably, bought a virtual plot of land in The Sandbox, a blockchain-based game. The same for mass distribution companies, such as Carrefour. “Incorporating the metaverse is showing that you have the ability to innovate, it’s a message sent to your competitors,” emphasizes Richard Malterre. An opportunity to achieve another, younger goal. This is one of the reasons to attack the business metaverse: showing off! And communicate.

Above all, companies need to be part of the metaverse for the long term. It is therefore wise to buy land there and organize events there. The metaverse is an experience. Users come to experience something. It’s up to the brands to offer them what they expect! It’s up to the brands to convince them to stay. The metaverse also acts as a laboratory of ideas, a means to take the temperature, launch a product in the virtual world, see if it works and possibly develop it in practice. But also build bridges: a purchase in the metavers can be the subject of a bonus or a reduction in the real world… or vice versa! last goal, the metaverse transforms the internal organization of companies. In an age of telecommuting and a growing need for flexibility, “employees can easily meet in the metaverse, through avatars, in conditions close to reality, Richard Malterre specifies, and it is also a tool for inclusion, especially for disabled people who have difficulty moving around,” the specialist continues.

And the human dimension?

Should we be happy to spend our time on a virtual universe? “These are not new concerns, the time we will spend, through our avatar, in the metaverse, it’s all the time we spend on forums or social networks, tempers Richard Malterre, you know that many regular video game users sometimes connect to platforms to discuss and not play, so with the metaverse, the experience will simply be more complete and intense,” concludes our expert from the gaming† † Chief Metaverse Officer, trending profession?

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