cobbled courtyard at the Jeanne-d’Arc school, progress for the students or ecological heresy?

Cette absorption s’est traduite par l’octroi d’une manne en provenance de la nouvelle maison mère : « 400 000 euros pour effectuer des travaux de rénovation cet été dont 100 000 pour refaire la cour », explique Gérard Coucharrière, chef d’ branch…

This absorption resulted in the award of a windfall from the new parent company: “400,000 euros to carry out renovation works this summer, of which 100,000 to redo the courtyard”, explains Gérard Coucharrière, head of the Le Mirail ensemble’s site .

The renovation of the courtyard is an old topic at Joan of Arc. “The project started at the request of parents, who wanted to put an end to this surface full of stones, dust and often flooded,” said Céline Bily, the school director. » Where a controversy arose, it was eventually retained about the modus operandi: asphalting the hitherto paved space.

“The asphalting of the courtyard goes against everything that is currently happening in the field of soil degradation, revegetation and combating heat islands”

“Bitumen has imposed itself for ease of maintenance as well as for sports practice,” the director pleads. And it is certain that if we compare it with the existing one, it is better.

Comparison question

This may be why Sarah Canton, who teaches CP-CE1 at the school, disagrees with her management. Because it cannot be compared to the current gravel, but to what is happening in the city’s public schools. “The asphalting of the yard goes against everything that is currently being done in the field of soil removal, revegetation and combating heat islands,” the teacher sighs.

We feel the teacher all the more bitter that she had worked with her students on an educational project for the redevelopment upstream. “My students chose tree species in pots to plant in the garden. And what ? Will they watch them die in a jar? †

The director does not understand this process in ecological heresy. “We are doubling the area of ​​vegetation by planting shrubs and a bedding. “As for the children, Céline Bily ensures that they are” always involved in the project. A landscape gardener must work with Mrs Canton to see which trees can be planted in the garden”. Response of the person concerned: “That’s right. He told me that the ones we chose with the kids were wrong because their roots would damage the beautiful coating. †

Sarah Canton, teacher in CP-CE1 and against the asphalting of the courtyard, which she wanted more vegetation.

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In her crusade to kick the tarmac out of the school, Sarah Canton has sensitized some parents. “It is true that I am concerned about this coating,” confides Marie, a mother of students. “But it is mainly the lack of information that saddens me. We ”sold” this school as a family project involving the parents. Will this remain the case with the takeover by Mirail? †

The opinion of the Metropolis

Sarah Canton also contacted Bordeaux Métropole’s services, who gave her an answer in her direction: “We understand and share your concerns […] A meeting was held in early June to present the planned developments and allow elected officials to share their observations. On this occasion it was indicated that the planned project does not match the ambitions and orientations of the municipality in this area, namely the greening of schoolyards. †

Gérard Coucharrière knows this teacher’s approach. But assures that he himself “has not received any unfavorable advice from the Metropolis”. Who in any case does not have the right to look at what an institution does with its court.

The director, for her part, acknowledges that the secretary of the Catholic Education Management Organization (Ogec), which is in charge of the school, has met two elected Beglais. “Certainly, the town hall told us that the bitumen goes against the projects being run in public schools – those having said that, have no more grass than they did three years ago. They asked us to pay attention to the permeability of the coating and its blasting. So that it is clearer and limits the build-up of heat. †

Céline Bily is not worried about the future. “This advice has been followed and benches are placed around the trees at the request of the children.”

Future heats will show whether we should listen to alarming voices.

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