Would you let a bot manage your crypto?

Automated trading by bots seems like the good life. Apparently now you can just relax and let the AI ​​do the work for you.

That is, according to a new offering from a platform called Peccala. They say they are “the world’s first tokenized crypto-robo-investor service.”

While trading bots are not a new concept, a platform that makes it easy for retail investors to use them is a new idea.

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The platform says that its crypto investment platform will be launched in 2 months and will generate an 80% return. They even promise this during a crypto market crash.

Peccala claims to be the world’s first fully automated crypto investment platform. “Designed for anyone unwilling to deal with the complexities of the crypto landscape, Peccala is on a mission to change the way investing is done, by giving everyone access to the products and technology that make it easy for them to share their wealth.” grow with crypto. †

The company claims that no time or skill is required. Users only pay a performance fee on the profit. “If we don’t bring you money, we don’t charge you. Withdraw money at any time, there is no block. And you buy and hold tokens easily, simplifying your tax return.

Automated Trading Tokens

To join the tax fun, users buy Peccala tokens through the platform. Once a user does this, their money is managed 24/7 by the platform’s algorithmic trading engine.

“Users Peccala Tokens are updated in real time to reflect the value of investments and can be exchanged for their USD value at any time. All the money you deposit with us is held in an individual wallet on the Binance Smart Chain, as are all the Peccala tokens you buy.

JJ Jones is the co-founder. “We built Peccala to make investing in cryptocurrencies easier, safer and as convenient as possible for everyone, whether you’re a professional or just starting out. And because our trading engine works just as well in a bear market as it does in a bull market, we really are the ultimate crypto hedge.


The platform claims that their algorithms are based on 5 years of research and development. “Peccala’s trading engine is continuously scanning the crypto futures market. It uses proprietary techniques to assess trends in over 120 cryptocurrencies and automatically places trades on an hourly basis. By investing in futures, the trading engine has the ability to go both long and short, allowing Peccala investors to make money even in a bear market. During the current crypto crash, Peccala generated over 80% returns with its risky strategy.

If you don’t trust the process yet, lower risk strategies are coming soon. And you can start with as little as $200. High and medium risk strategies are now available. If you are convinced, you can register for the waiting list here.

While this all sounds great, remember kids, you can still lose everything you’ve invested, so don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose.

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