Tribune: Yannick Trigance: Which post-legislative school?

Where is the School of the Future, announced by Emmanuel Macron, National Secretary of PS at the school, Yannick Trigance shows the continuity of the presidential program for the school over the two five-year terms and its gradual shift to the right and new public management. A “school of the market, selection and competition” is being built.

Follow the path of JM Blanquer

The outcome of the parliamentary elections will not fail to have a strong and lasting influence on the neoliberal and right-wing education policy willed by the President of the Republic and which has been strongly engaged in the past five years.

And it is not the appointment of Minister Pape Ndiaye – a decision solely intended to win over the electorate on the left before the parliamentary elections, with the success we know… – that will change anything. To be convinced of this, you only have to look closely at the composition of his cabinet, which is worthy of all analyzes and all speeches…

Once the effect of his appointment has expired, it is clear that the new minister will continue for 5 years without bending the path that the Macron/Blanquer tandem has charted for the school.

Convergence LR – LREM

The results of the parliamentary elections introduce a fact that only the education policy of the upcoming term can influence: in the absence of an absolute majority, the president of the republic will have to find support and support from outside his own camp, especially among Republican delegates.

The challenge is far from impossible given the strong convergence between the elected Macronists and the elected LR in the field of education, as we saw during the presidential campaign where the proposals of Emmanuel Macron and Valérie Pécresse seemed almost identical on many points, from a neoliberal vision of the school based on autonomy -in the administrative and non-pedagogical sense of the word-, on competition and on selection. †

As for the autonomy of institutions regularly presented as the “nec-plus-ultra” of the school of tomorrow, the two camps want to initiate a “New Public Administration” (NPM) aimed in particular at strengthening the powers from heads of schools and principals on issues of teacher recruitment, assessment and merit.

The school of the future, a liberal school board

This is also the whole meaning of the “school of the future” experiment launched a few months ago by E. Macron in schools in Marseille with functions with “special requirements”, a revaluation on the condition of tasks, additional funds, financing linked to specific projects and teachers recruited by school management who are authorized to select profiles.

This “Macronian” deregulation is similarly a strong proposal of the “education” program of the Republicans, since Valérie Pécresse has already initiated it in the secondary schools of Ile-de-France with the creation of an “autonomy budget”, also granted without any consideration of the realities of the areas.

This new management approach to teacher management is also recommended in a recent Senate report prepared at the beginning of June by Gérard Longuet and approved by the finance committee of the same Senate, a report proposing in particular to increase the “productivity” of teachers by more their assignments and reorganize the network of branches to reduce their number.

Rightward shift of macronism

Finally, the reform of a secondary vocational school – now housed in the Ministry of Labor and Education – which primarily favors training in companies at the expense of general education – which has already been strong in the previous five-year period. reduced – as an important link between E. Macron’s program and that of the LR deputies.

Deprived of an absolute majority, if E. Macron wants to implement his neoliberal project for public schools, he will be irretrievably deported to his right by LR deputies who, apart from joint proposals with the president of the republic, will make him pay for their support with a consciously shared goal: the deep and presumed questioning of the public education system.

Faced with this school of market, selection and competition that E. Macron and all right-wing deputies want, the elected representatives of the NUPES will have to support and promote a school that leaves no young person on the edge. school created for all students who have it only to learn, a school that democratizes success throughout the territory of the Republic.

Yannick Trigance

Regional Councilor of Ile de France

PS National Secretary for Schools, Education and Knowledge

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