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With the support of HETIC, La Poste establishes the School of Data and AI to train 550 students by 2025. Update with the duo coordinating the initiative met during VivaTech 2022.

The Data and AI School: La Poste unveiled the device at VivaTech 2022 – © DR

The post office based the School of Data and AIin cooperation with ITICthe school of technical and digital professions (Galileo Global Education group).

“It’s an important time to become a training actor,” says Guillaume Leboucher, coordinator of the IA and data division of Docaposte (subsidiary of the La Poste group) responsible for this project.

The goal is to train 550 students between 2023 and 2025 through a training program to be unveiled at the VivaTech show on June 17. The first promotion will include 50 students from January 2023. The second and third must each contain 250.

“Thanks to HETIC and its CFA, it becomes a professional training to issue a Level 7 RNCP (“Digital Technology Experts”) title with skills validation”explains Frédéric Sitterlé, CEO of HETIC

The training system is based on internal expertise of subsidiaries specialized in data and AI of Groupe La Poste – Docaposte with Openvalue, Softeam and Probayes – a total of 400 experts.

The ambition is to double the number of experts in these areas of expertise within the group by 2025.

Data and AI school: “Be inclusive, altruistic and promote gender equality” (Guillaume Leboucher)

This qualifying training over a period of three to twelve months covers four data and AI professions:

  • data product owner,
  • data analyst,
  • data engineer,
  • data scientist.

To participate in the School of Data and AI, the profiles of candidates identified with a first post-baccalaureate experience or candidates in retraining are the priority targets.

“We will engage them in HETIC and by using co-optation through our network of 400 experts from our data and AI division. The school is open to everyone, people with a high level of mathematics and people who want to learn about data and AI. We want to be inclusive, altruistic and promote gender equality. We ask students to want to learn with at least a hunger for computers. The important thing isn’t the entry level, it’s the potential ‘ says Guillaume Leboucher.

The training takes place during a full year on the basis of apprenticeship. Over a month, the activity time is distributed as follows:

  • One week of theoretical and pedagogical training on the IA part with HETIC (language, databases, computing resources),
  • Three weeks in business by integrating La Poste data and AI projects into design or production.

“Since 2021, we have been working on more structured programs such as those of the Data and IA School” (Frédéric Sitterlé)

This Data and AI School initiative is part of the strategic plan “La Poste 2030, committed to you”. The postal group has set as priorities:

  • digital transformation,
  • the development of digital trust services,
  • digital inclusion.

La Poste has identified significant recruitment needs in the data and AI professions, hence the establishment of a dedicated school.

To carry out these projects when resources are scarce, we need to train talents

“The La Poste group has launched many AI projects over the past five years to serve businesses and citizens on a daily basis in the name of performance and trust. It’s the technology that helps us do that. To carry out these projects when resources are scarce, we need to train talents”says Guillaume Leboucher.

“For several years now, we have had HETIC trainees following a work-study trajectory in entities of the La Poste group. We have been working on more structured programs since 2021, such as those of the Data and IA School”says Frédéric Sitterle.

The Simplon school also in the loop

• In addition to HETIC, Simplon School will also be involved in the co-construction of two skills development courses for employees in the data analytics and data engineering professions.
• Two PhDs have completed the data analysis course and there is currently one PhD on the data engineer course.

Adapted from an article by News Tank RH published 03/07/2022. To access the News Tank RH discovery offer.

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