A team backed by the automaker is experimenting with NFTs

The motorcycle racing team Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR), which benefits from the support of Lamborghini’s sports department, is now integrating NFTs on the spare parts of its vehicles. This technology, deployed by Go2NFT from SkeyNetwork (SKEY), will enable optimal traceability of these elements.


Lamborghini experiments with NFTs

The auto racing team Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR), supported by Lamborghini Squadra Corsebegins the certification of spare parts for its vehicles using non-fungible tokens (NFTs† VSR participates in various car championships such as the GT World Challenge Europe Endurance. The Squadra Corse is the sports section from the well-known bull brand.

To carry out its project, the team used the services of Go2NFT. The latter, powered by SkeyNetwork (SKEY), connects real world objects to the blockchain thanks to NFTs:

If we are there a first in motorsportHowever, this is not the first time an NFT has been linked to a vehicle. Alfa Romeo, for example, stood out by integrating a non-fungible token as the Tonale’s maintenance booklet.

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A warranty for auto parts

Using their technology, Go2NFT and SkeyNetwork are developing what they call the blockchain of objects (BONE). Here the concept is applied to motorsport, to guarantee the authenticity and traceability of spare parts. The NFT will contain information such as the serial number or the history of the part for example.

This information can be read thanks to an NFC chip† This enables short-distance communication, in particular with bank cards that offer contactless payment.

In addition to vehicles, these NFTs can also be used for: certify derivative products Lamborghini in the colors of VSR. This ensures their authenticity.

Radoslaw Krzycki, CEO of Skey Network, welcomed the partnership:

“I don’t know of a single blockchain or crypto project in the world that wouldn’t want to be associated with Lamborghini motorsport programs through our relationship with VSR. […] With our Go2NFT platform we can […] strive to provide NFT tools to all brands seeking to protect their products and customers, ensuring clear and universally used authentication. †

If such initiatives still exist today at their start, it is clear that we are dealing with the logical consequence of the connectivity of objects. Little by little, these NFT certifications will eventually be fully integrated into our daily lives.

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Source: Vincenzo Sospiri Racing, Go2NFT

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