Farewell Madame Françoise Pailhé – The principal of Aspet primary school is retiring

The principal of the primary school of Aspet, Mrs Françoise Pailhé, is retiring.

Freeze the career of an extraordinary civil servant simply by the impact she had on the memory of the students of the school she led for twenty years, as well as on the parents, employees, the institution and local elected officials.

Beyond the seemingly banal ritual of the end-of-career drinkit was a surprise for Francoise Pailhe to be with so many people. The discernible emotion of the moment was clearly worth the professional investment of Francoise Pailhein particular to get in touch with the students who have the most difficulty in integrating into the school system.

The relationship with the elected officials of the municipality of Aspet was reflected in a speech released from the proviso by evoking the misunderstanding in the perception of the public institution by an elected official: ” When an elected representative of the Republic, when you explain to him that the doors close badly because they are swollen from the humidity, answers: “Well, in this school only wood works…”, you cannot answer him honestly, you paint a small smile and move on “. But Francoise Pailhe do not forget the support of the former municipality in the person of Francoise Sarradet who particularly cared about the defense of the republican school.

While reading his letter in the given circumstances a strong point of his pedagogical approachThe second message is what my experience as a student and my experience as a teacher have taught me… often enough a glance, an outstretched hand, attention to the child to become a student…. I know that the smallest of them, the most dented, the most closed, is capable of doing extraordinary things … as a teacher it is enough to set aside our own certainties and our own patterns, shake up our personal comforts, to be humble, look and listen kindly. You have to put yourself in a position to find the key that opens the door

Recognitions charged with a dedicated professional experience and this application in particular to make the invisible visible

Ah, on the internet they say thank you … so here they are in bulk …

Thanks to my parents who gave me the chance to approach life from a different perspective,

Thanks to my superiors for their trust despite my sometimes shaky positions, to the constituency secretary whose laughter makes us forget the non-replacements, and to the education counselors who are always available,

Thank you to those who scrub, clean, tidy up despite my office being often under construction, they’re in the shade but they’re essential…

Thanks to the AESH who is always there for a few euros a month to help the most vulnerable,

Thanks to my colleagues for their patience or their impatience, a special nod to those who trusted me to the end,

Thanks to the town hall, its staff and elected officials, to the first deputy… It is rare for a town hall to give so much importance to its school… A special tip for Mrs Sarradet and its general secretary, now retired, who has always been present and with whom I believe we shared the same vision of the school. A special thanks to Sandra who always went above and beyond for me..,

Thanks to the public services, small but incredibly important hands,

Thanks to Grisou who helped me so much during a school trip,

Thanks to my friends whom I happened to visit in the evening to release the excess tension that had accumulated during the day… What did the beer taste like on those evenings…

Thanks to our partners: doctor, speech therapists, school doctor, Rased, psychologist who, when in doubt, often give us a positive view of students,

Thanks to ALAE and its staff… their energetic good mornings are sure to put us in a good mood

Thanks to the man and especially to Sister Conception for whom I have boundless admiration for the work she does.

Thanks to all those who have supported, guided, encouraged, comforted, defended, supported me, they will recognize themselves…

Thank you to those who made me laugh and to those who made me cry,

Thanks to you, parents, for bringing into the world these luminous riddles that are your children for our greatest pleasure,

Thanks especially to all the children who have passed through my hands… they have taught me so much, brought me so much…

Finally thank you for having the patience to listen to me, these were words I wanted to share with you…

Come on, because well-ordered charity starts with yourself, I wish myself a good retirement and I wish you a good road.”

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