DRC: AGES organizes two Business School sessions from 18 to 20 July 2022 in Kinshasa

The Learning Center Educational Services (AGES) announces the opening of the first two Business School classes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, from July 18 to 20 at the Congo River Hotel in Kinshasa / Gombe.

According to sources close to the general management of this structure, it is an educational model that will focus on investing in the Congolese man to make him a competitive economic resource in Africa and the world.

The CEO of AGES, Antony Wahome, describes this training as a hoe to transform “lives”.

In Kinshasa these trainings will have two general themes.
The aim is to rebuild the economic knowledge of Congolese entrepreneurs.

The two modules that will be analyzed over three (3) days focus on women’s empowerment and public policy for the administrator.

First: the empowerment of women

This first theme aims to help women achieve efficiency, do meaningful things more correctly and leverage their leadership skills.

During this module, participants acquire skills that can be immediately applied to improve individual and business performance.

This module is delivered by Ms. Rita Okuthe, a senior female businessman who sits on the board of directors and the current chairman of the board (PCA) of Kenyan Pipeline Company.

This first course session also allows AGES to assess the skills and weaknesses of the participants.

Second: Public Policy for Administrators

This second program is designed to enable middle and senior managers in the public, private and social sectors to participate effectively in policy development and in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs that deliver results. The main thing here is to make participants more internationally competitive through this updated lesson delivery.

At this stage, the intervention areas will focus on public policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation; advocacy, lobbying, negotiation skills and anti-corruption.

Third: the effective director

This third program will take place in August in Johannesburg, South Africa as a refreshing, lively and interactive forum for board members and current and future directors. It will be led by a team of renowned local and international lecturers. This module will combine research with practical experience to cover the work of the board and the contribution of each director, the roles and skills they need to bring into play, and the styles and nuances of behavior on the boards .

This module is administered by Dr. Fred Ogola, professor and consultant in the field of strategy, decision-making and change management.

Teamwork and relationships within the Board of Directors, financial supervision are among the intervention areas of this academic manager.

In Johannesburg, where AGES has a large network, the delivery of the courses will also allow the participants to share their best experiences with so many personalities from South Africa and other countries on the continent.

Futuro Groupe is for change

Ms Gisèle Busima, General Manager of Futuro Group and key partner of AGES Business School in the DRC, launched a call to raise awareness among the Congolese elite of this opportunity to adopt a mindset change framework in the economic sector.

Business School is a framework with the vision of the General Manager of Futuro Group.

Gisèle Busima is a female entrepreneur who is committed and determined to support the development of active communities in the DRC in the private sector, a source of employment and wealth creation.

Remember that the main purpose of the Business School program is to transfer knowledge and strengthen skills and transferable capacities in the public and private sectors.

Intended for both public and private personalities and organizations as well as young entrepreneurs,
these trainings will stimulate a sense of involvement and strengthen the bond of trust between the Congolese government and its people.

Nadine FULA

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