British Army social media being hacked

This Sunday, the British military’s social networks were hacked to spread phishing links. While the attackers renamed the Twitter account to pass it off as an NFT project, the YouTube channel was changed to look like that of investment fund Ark Invest.

British Army Twitter and YouTube Post Phishing Links

On Sunday, both the Twitter account and YouTube channel of the british army were hacked and spread scams by attempted phishing† While the situation has since returned to normal on Twitter, the military opened an investigation and apologized:

For several hours, the British army’s Twitter account has actually been renamed to mimic different collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For example, we can quote The Possessed collection, which just launched on OpenSea:

We don’t know to what extent people have fallen into the trap. The fact is, it’s a safe bet that the various links published led to: authorize a malicious smart contract

As for YouTube, the hackers went even further. The latter have indeed remodeled the chain in such a way that it resembles that of Ark Invest, Cathie Wood’s investment fund. Videos were then broadcast live to show suppose Elon Musk conducts interviews

Spectators were then redirected to QR codes to participate in a so-called giveaway† This scam attempt, common in our ecosystem, claims that if we send an amount of BTC or ETH to a particular address, double it will be sent back to us.

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Phishing in cryptos

While the British military’s involvement is surprising to say the least, phishing attempts are common in our ecosystem† Last May, artist Beeple also fell victim to a similar hack. This had resulted in over $400,000 being stolen.

On the other hand, there are more or less convincing email phishing attempts. For example, the attacker will try to trick his target into believing that his MetaMask wallet needs to be restored. Whatever form this scam takes, the goal remains theft of cryptocurrencies† Unfortunately, only vigilance will prevent you from being fooled.

The British Army YouTube channel has not yet been restored at the time of writing. The Ministry of Defense, for its part, has also not communicated about some progress in research

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