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Games powered by the P2E business model (Play to earn)) players can now earn money. Axie Infinity, from publisher Sky Mavis, is proving to be the most popular NFT and Blockchain game. The “Origin” version, launched in April 2022, will also be rolled out worldwide after some updates.

The tweet from the Axie Infinity account on the game’s V3, Origin

Feedback on the overall performance of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a fighting game that differs in its commercial dimension. It allows you to collect and exchange NFTS, fight and raise small creatures called Axies.

Lunacia, its metaverse, is an open world consisting of several plots of land that players fight over. AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) are used for the purchase of these lands, their development or their rental. AXS are ERC-20 governance tokens.

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game that allows you to form teams and get Axies, each with their own combat characteristics. The latter have the particularity of being digitized like NFT cards. However, SLP (Smooth Love Potion), based on Ethereum, remains the main currency of the game. Origin is the sequel Free to play from Axie Infinity and major changes are planned by the publisher.

What evolutions in Origin for Axie Infinity?

A staggering progress

Since it first went live, Origin has grown rapidly. More than 600,000 accounts have been registered. However, Sky Mavis still wants to improve the user experience of the game, this will go through several updates and lead to the worldwide launch of the title.

Phase 1 of Axie Infinity Origin’s development is still underway. It’s mainly about big changes in the balance of the game, it should be made more fun and competitive. Players’ decision-making also needs to be improved.


As for phase 2, it is scheduled for July and will focus on the full reset of:

  • Charms/Runes
  • moon cards
  • MMR/scoreboard
  • Adventure Mode

Players must create their own runes/charms and collect their moon cards from the start of their progression system. However, the top ranked players will be able to receive rewards in AXS at the end of this update phase. This is an opportunity for the publisher to find any bugs in the game, with the help of the players.

At the end of phase 2, SLP rewards will be removed from the previous version and moved to Origin. This operation is accompanied by an SLP combustion mechanism. This is done by creating NFT charms/runes, shabby on Ronin and then sellable through the market.

As for Phase 3, Sky Mavis is considering adding SLP gains to updates. Players should be aware of possible balance changes as the data on the coin and the combustion is collected. Since Moon cards are reset from their inventory, they do not carry over to Seasons in the Origin version. Charms and Runes cannot be equipped. But a disenchantment allows you to get moon cards. At the end of this phase, AXS rewards are also provided, as well as the ability to craft runic/NFT armor via burning SLP.


The completion of Phase 3 of the Axie Infinity Origin Update Progress Plan marks the launch of the first official season and its international rollout. Reset Moon Map in Inventories and MMR/Leaderboard, Expiration Date NFT, charms and runes… There are many developments going on! The best is yet to come, according to the publisher. Is this your opinion too?

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