School holidays: what fines will you receive if your children do not attend school until the end?

Although the end of the school year is scheduled for Thursday, July 7, some parents are considering not sending their children to school next week or letting them miss a day or two of class to take an early vacation. Do they have the right? If not, what sanctions will they receive?

Rare, this year summer vacations officially begin on July 7 after class. A mid-week date that doesn’t suit some parents who might be tempted not to send their child(ren) to school while the last of the class leaves early? Is it allowed?

Since a law of 2019, which amended Article L131-1 of the Education Code, “Education is compulsory for every child aged three to sixteen”.

Also a student “must take the courses scheduled in his schedule unless he is on leave”recalls the government site

Authorized reasons for absence

Early departure on vacation is not one of the permitted reasons for absence from class, listed in article L131-8 paragraph 2 of the education code:

  • Illness of the child (or of one of his relatives if he may be contagious)
  • Solemn family reunion (wedding, funeral, etc.)
  • Obstruction caused by unintended communication problems
  • Child following his legal representatives (travel outside school holidays)

“The other grounds are judged by the state authority competent in the field of education” specifies the Education Code. And the Ministry of National Education to insist: “It is not possible to imagine ‘à la carte’ holidays that would disrupt the functioning of the classes and harm education”.

Preliminary Information

What can parents do if they don’t want their child to go to school? The Education Code, in the regulatory part, provides prior information at the expense of legal representatives.

In the event of foreseeable absence, the child’s responsible persons will inform the director or head of the institution in advance, stating the reason. If there are serious doubts about the legitimacy of the reason, the school principal or the head of the institution invites the persons responsible for the child to submit a request for permission for absence, which he forwards to the principal of the national education services that act. delegation of the rector of the academy”provides for Article R.131-5.

Social research

Sanctions are under consideration “when the child has missed class without a valid reason or valid excuse for at least four half-days in the month”. Unjustified absences followed by: “the principal or principal brings together the relevant members of the education team” in front of “to find out the origin of the student’s behavior and propose the measures that can be taken to remedy it” indicates article R131-7 of the Education Code. “A support and support system adapted and contracted with them”, parents can be offered.

“The school principal or head of the institution sends a warning to those responsible, reminding them of their legal obligations and the criminal penalties to which they are exposed. He can initiate a social investigation,” continues the text.

4th class fine

If the above measurements, “have not been able to end the child’s absence, the academic director of the national education services, by order of the rector of the academy, seizes the public prosecutor for the acts attributable to the offense referred to in Article R. 624-7 of the Criminal Code”.

This text provides a fine of 135 euros (fine of 4e class) for the fact “not impose an obligation on the child to attend school without a valid reason or excuse or by stating inaccurate reasons for absence”.

In the the most serious casesif these unjustified absences endanger the education of the child and are equated with an educational deficit of the parents, two years in prison and a fine of €30,000within the meaning of Article 227-17 of the Criminal Code.

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