Montereau. A temporary school, waiting for the works

The temporary school is installed in the parking lot of the Jean Bouin stadium, not far from the two schools that are going to work ©Geoffrey FAUCHEUX

Since the school year will be over in a few days, the property of theOrmeaux Kindergarten, in Montereau-Fault-Yonne, are already waiting for their future students. But for the year 2022-2023, it is not the usual classes of the establishment, located in the upper town, that will welcome the children, but a provisional school brand new.

And with good reason, after exploiting an extension of thePierre and Marie Curie School the municipality will continue its work for the school period 2021-2022, a project that will be completed in the coming weeks and for which the students did not have to move to another building. multi-year plan renovation/expansion schools of the city, by renovating and expanding the Ormeaux kindergarten from this summer.

Works ending in the summer of 2023 to accommodate the students from the start of the next school year, and consisting of the renovation of existing buildings, theadd a classrooma dormitory, a toilet block, a storage room and an open courtyard.

“This work is necessary because today the reception capacity of this school is insufficient and the building is old, it dates from 1973 and therefore needs to be renovated,” explains the mayor of Montereau, James Cheron

The temporary school has six classrooms
The temporary school has six classrooms, a dormitory and a motor area ©VilledeMontereau

One school renovated per year until 2026

Unlike the site of the Pierre and Marie Curie School, these are works, the total amount of which €2.3 million (including €444,000 for theANRU and a grant of an amount not yet determined by the state) cannot be made locally.

This prompted the municipality to set up a temporary school a few meters from the Ormeaux school, on the Parking Jean Bouin Stadium

This exists of: six classrooms, a motor room, a dormitory, a master room, a room for the ATSEM with a laundry room, an office for the director and a storage room. In the middle of all these modules, students can take advantage of a large playground.

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“All these modular buildings are heated, connected, accessible to people with reduced mobility and equipped with sanitary facilities,” said the first alderman.

A temporary school that will be “profitable” as it will be maintained for the 2023-2024 school year. As an extension of its multi-year plan, the municipality of Montereau will, from the summer of 2023, carry out the renovation and expansion of theClos-Dion Kindergartenalso located in the upper town.

As a result, the pupils of this establishment will be transferred to the temporary school throughout the school year: “In addition to the renovation of the buildings of the existing school, at Clos-Dion we will be building two additional classrooms, an educational workshop and above all a new school canteen as well as a home for childminders”, says James Chéron.

An even bigger project than that of Ormeaux, and the total amount of which will be around the €3.7 millionincluding €2.2 million under the ANRU and additional grants from the State that have not yet been determined.

6 M€ in investments

In total, this will be the case for the next two school years €6 million which is invested by the municipality in its school buildings. And the municipality of Monterrel does not want to stop there.

Indeed, if the details of the operations are not yet fully settled, there are two other schools in the city, this time in the lower town, which will have to be renovated during the school years. 2024-2025 and 2025-2026

“We will continue our action with the rehabilitation of thePetit Vaugirard primary school for the 2024-2025 school year, then that ofMademoiselle Boyer Kindergarten for the 2025-2026 school year,” reveals the mayor.

If the usefulness of a temporary school for these future projects has not yet been discussed, there is certainty: “If there is a need for a temporary school, obviously it will not be Jean Bouin’s that will be used, as it is good too far from downtown “, James Chéron assures, before concluding: “We hope to continue at this rate of one school per year after 2026”.

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